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With Their Eyes All Aglow...

There's one thing that I dislike about the Christmas season: greed. Everywhere I go, I should see children laughing whilst greeting smile after smile from my fellow shoppers and merry-makers. Instead, I get a sixty-five year old grandmother clutching a Nintendo Wii in one hand, a embroidered sweater in the other, with a tin of Quality Streets chocolates held firmly by the rolls of her belly. Her belly did shake like a bowl full of jelly as she pushed her way in front of me at the cashier's line though the "Santa" imagery was lost on me at the time due to the heat and claustrophobic conditions in the department store.

What's wrong with people today? When I was a kid, my parents and Santa got my brother and I gifts. We didn't know what we were getting for Christmas since we never wrote letters to Santa. We never pawed through the Sears catalog looking for the various toys and knick-knacks that all the kids wanted at Christmas time. My brother and I simply got what we got and we were happy. In fact, we were ecstatic come Christmas because of the surprises that lay in each of the brightly coloured and finely wrapped gifts beneath the tree.

Nowadays, kids can be little shits about Christmas. When I hear an eight-year old kid yelling at his mom in Wal-mart that he wants the 80 GB Video iPod and not the "shitty" 4 GB iPod Nano, I can clearly see how our "buy it now" attitude as a society is corrupting our children.

And then you have the kids asking their parents for an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3! Are you fucking serious?! No offense to little kids but they must be out of their minds if they think that parents have that kind of money to spend on Christmas presents. Little brats that whine about "needing" a gaming console for Christmas don't deserve one! And if they have the audacity to ask for the premium consoles instead of settling for the gimmicky and usually much cheaper Nintendo Wii, parents should not cave and buy the kids what they want! Lumps of coal all 'round, I say!

When my kids undoubtedly tell me what they want for Christmas, my response will be the same as my father's: "I guess we'll have to see what Santa brings you on Christmas Day."

And if my boys ever asks me for a cell phone, laptop, or iPod, I'll just pull out the "remember-that-Christmas-is-about-celebrating-the-birth-of-Jesus-our-Saviour" card.

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