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Tis The Season

So - how was your weekend? I spent the bulk of mine hanging out with my wife and kids and playing a little Half-Life 2 and Portal. Overall, quite a nice weekend but not as relaxing as I'd hoped - though probably as relaxing as I'll get given my current familial circumstances. And then, last night, we got nailed by a snow storm. Don't you just love winter?

In the past week or so, I can only think of one day where we haven't had any snow. We had a green Christmas last year but I suspect it'll be a white one this time around. I believe they're forecasting this year's Winter to be the harshest that we'll see in our lifetimes. I'm not sure if that applies only to Canadians only or if the rest of the northern hemisphere is in for a brutal winter too...?

In any case, in honour of the sleet and snow falling outside as I write, I thought I'd put up a few videos that really capture the season...

And finally, it wouldn't be winter without a little ice skating, right?

Ahhh winter! Nice to have you back...

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