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Presents and Poker

I hope everyone out there had a safe and happy Christmas. I had a couple good days off, though I find the holidays to be pretty hectic with two kids at home.

I did manage to squeeze in a little "me" time on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day but still no poker. One of the gifts my wife got me - Mass Effect - is a pretty addictive and engrossing role-playing game for the Xbox 360. Since trying it for the first time on Saturday, I've found myself thinking about playing Mass Effect more and more.

Regardless, the balancing act between poker and video games will begin in earnest quite soon. I might even play poker tomorrow night! After finding out that the Party Poker $75 bonus won't expire from my account until August 2008, I don't need to put off poker any longer. I was a little hesitant to claim my bonus for fear that the money would expire before I'd had the chance to put in any real time at the tables. But with an eight-month playing window, it's time to get crazy!

Although I was planning on starting off at the $25 NL tables at Party, I may just go ahead and play at the $100 NL tables. The $75 is free money and I'd rather not spend too much time playing at Party. Even if I spend only three hours a week playing at couple of $50 NL tables, my rake back at Titan Poker comes in at just over $50 a month. So, you see, the $75 bonus isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things. But free money is free money so I'll do my best to make good with it!

For those of you still on holiday, enjoy the time off! And for those of you working: pace yourselves! No point exerting yourselves while everyone else is happy and warm at home!

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