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No Poker, No Vegas

I have to admit that I'm still not missing poker all that much. It's been what...about two months since I last took a seat at the virtual felt? When will I return to the tables again? I'm not quite sure.

I'm having fun now and maybe that's preventing me from playing poker. I create all the content for this site and The Greedy Gamer. Both sites are doing much better than I could have expected, but I'm most surprised with how well The Greedy Gamer's taken off.

It's a little surprising how much I enjoy providing content for my game site. I've always loved video games and I think that really helps me pump out the posts. It also helps that the game industry is thriving right now and there's a lot to write about. Even if I haven't managed to play anything recently, there's always new games coming out that I can discuss or older games that I can review.

Poker, on the other hand, is much harder to write about when you're not putting in the time at the tables. I can't discuss poker strategy because my skills (regrettably downgraded from skillz) have grown rusty. I could report on poker industry news but I find that extremely dull. Reporting tournament results would kill me just as surely as it has others except for the chosen few.

Until I start playing again, this site will remain a place where I can discuss more personal matters in my life and post any number of funny things I come across on the Internet. I'll always try to keep things interesting for those of you who are still regularly visiting the site (which I appreciate immensely).

So what will it take to get me back into poker? How about...

  1. UIGEA is reversed and Americans are allowed to gamble anywhere they want.
  2. Neteller comes back to the online gambling market and re-assumes its place atop the payment processor pyramid - after making amends to all of its customers in the form of free money.
  3. The poker scene is flooded by new, inexperienced players willing to give me their money.
  4. Poker rooms and online casinos start offering real bonuses and incentives to play. For what it's worth, giving me a $50 bonus for playing 5000 raked hands isn't incentive - it's a minimum wage job at best.
That's all I have to say for today. By the way, I'm enjoying the Vegas trip reports. I may not ever visit Vegas myself so I'll just have to live vicariously through the other bloggers out there.

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