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New Year, New Goals, New Outlook

Last night, I did a quick review of all the different poker rooms out there and realized that nothing much has changed since I stopped playing regular poker. Actually, that's not quite true. It now appears that Titan Poker (and the iPoker network) is now tied for third in traffic with Party Poker. So I guess I'll be playing at Titan Poker when I make my return due to the solid rakeback deal that I've got with them.

Now that I've decided to return to poker - not that I really left - I've been thinking about what goals I'd like to accomplish in 2008. I failed to meet most of the goals I set in 2007 but I'm hoping that next year proves different.

If I think about the amount of poker that I'll play in 2008, I need to be realistic. I've got two kids, a wife, a number of great Xbox 360 games that I'd like to play, and not a whole lot of free time. With all that in mind, I'm going to do my best to put in at least 3 hours a week of poker. As for actual "table hours" of poker, I'll have to see how many tables I can profitably play. Let's say that I can manage to play a couple tables at a time which is the most likely scenario if the past is any indicator. So we're looking at about 300 table hours of poker for the year.

I think that if I can manage to play at least 300 hours of poker, I'll be able to regain anything I might have lost over the past few months and, hopefully, build on my solid foundation of poker knowledge and experience. I would like to be a regular at the $100 NL hold'em tables by the end of 2008. If possible, I think it'd be fun to also try my hand at the $200 NL tables as well when I feel ready.

As for sit-n-gos and other forms of poker, I'll probably steer well clear unless I'm having a few drinks with friends over. Mr. V. is good for helping me pull out a few SNG wins and I doubt things have changed much since we last played together. Then again, playing some tipsy poker at the $10 NL tables might be good for a laugh as well.

I would also like to win a pot exceeding $300 at one point in the New Year as well. The largest pot I've won so far was around $220, but I think I could beat this at the $100 NL tables given a little time and a little luck. Ultimately, I'd like to be regularly winning pots exceeding $500 but that won't happen until I've really stepped up the stakes.

Normally, I'd also set some sort of financial goal as well. I won't do this for 2008. I'll just let my bankroll grow or shrink as much or as little as it likes. Currently, I'm sitting on about $1800 which is just about enough to play $100 NL. I'll be buying in short for the next little while so I'd be happy playing with far less than 18 buy-ins in my bankroll in any case. If I can hit the $3000 mark and if I feel good about my game, I may take a seat at the $200 NL tables and play some short-stacked poker. If I can acclimatize myself to the harder games bit by bit, I hope to speed up the learning process and really prepare myself both mentally and financially before it comes time to make the jump permanently.

2008 will be the year where I will take a few more chances with my bankroll and couple that with a more realistic outlook of what I can expect to get back from the game. Poker and I may have an on-again-off-again relationship but I believe we're both willing to work on things until a happy balance of family, life, video games, and poker can be achieved.

I look forward to sharing the knowledge I gain, the thrills of victory, and the agonies of defeat with all my readers. For better or worse, I'm here to stay. I just hope that I can make the ride a little interesting for all of us.


doubleuwhy said...

Happy Holidays and good luck in the new year.

Now I've gotta come up with my 2008 poker plans!


Klopzi said...

Hey there!

I noticed things have slowed down on your blog; hopefully, you're keeping up the poker, even if very little.

I'll be interested to see where you see yourself headed in the New Year.

Have a great holiday season!