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Brutal Vegas-Related Video Game Trailer

Why is it that main stream media has such a hard time using poker lingo in ads? It's been about four years since the poker boom hit, so you'd think they'd have it down pat now. Well, you'd be wrong...

Here's a recent ad for Ubisoft's upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The game is about an anti-terrorist unit in Vegas or something, though you can't really tell from the ad below. I'm not sure what they're trying to sell here: my guess is either gambling addiction or hookers.

As a poker player, I find the following ad ridiculous. As a video game player, I find the following ad embarrassing. And as someone who's been watching television ads and video game trailers for years, I can only stop and wonder how this ad made it out to the public.

So, what did you think of the tag-line to that whole sloppy mess? In case you missed it, the entire ad is summed up in the following eight words:
"If you go all-in, stand on six."

Awful, awful, awful...

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