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Another Golden Ticket

Guess what I did this weekend? Ok, you got me - I did end up spending quite a bit of time playing video games. But hey, I'm a nerd and that's to be expected. But the surprising thing is that I actually did a little poker-related reading.

I ended up replacing some of my usual bathroom reading with Ed Miller's series of articles entitled "7 Easy Steps to No-Limit Hold'em Success". This series of articles was written to help players new to no-limit hold'em gain quick proficiency in an otherwise tricky game. I've read these 7 steps to success a number of times now and have shown some good results. If your no-limit game was ever in need of a quick refresher course, might I suggest reading and adhering to the following seven steps:

  1. Step 1: Play Tight

  2. Step 2: Don't Play Out of Position

  3. Step 3: Don't Overcommit in Small Pots

  4. Step 4: Big Pots for Big Hands

  5. Step 5: Pull the Trigger

  6. Step 6: Adjust To Your Opponents

  7. Step 7: Keep Your Head in the Game
In a way, I hate the fact that I'm reminding so many poker players out there of Miller's good advice. These steps are so easy to follow that they can make anyone a winning no-limit hold'em player in no time. Use this advice wisely at the tables and feel free to buy me as many "thank you" gifts as you like!

Anyway, after a weekend filled with video games and poker-related reading, I fell ill yesterday and spent the day resting. Actually, resting may be too strong a word to use when you've got 15-month old son and a 3-month old son. I remember laying down in a pile of pillows as my 15 month old boy climbed over top of me in his quest to pull on the cords plugged into the wall socket. I managed to thwart his attempts, though he did succeed in spitting in my mouth and kneeing me in the groin. That's my boy!

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