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Where is the love?

We still have one very mild-mannered, quiet son and one screaming, arms and legs akimbo son. And while the family's doing well right now, we're definitely getting more run-down as each day passes. And while I still haven't played poker, my bankroll was boosted yesterday through no effort on my part.

The fine folks at Ultimate Bet gave me $10 worth of free cash to blow at their tables. Sweet! That's almost two SNGs that I can play! Now if only I could pull together an hour or so of free time. Actually, I've had a little free time lately: little being the key word. But I've been so tired that I've muzzled any thoughts of playing poker. My bad luck already puts me at a disadvantage at the table - playing half-asleep would just make matters worse.

Until I get more sleep and more rested, all I can do is sit back, play some video games, and wait for the poker bug to bite me again. I love that feeling of "loving" poker almost as much as I enjoy winning at poker. The feeling that no matter what happens at the table, it's all good. I love being able to have my opponent hit a two-outer and just shrugging it off. Right now, I think I'd throw an Angry German Kid fit each time I lost a hand.

And so, until next time, I'll just leave you with the Angry German Kid. And for the record, the video below is exactly why I don't play online multi-player games other than poker - those guys are freaks!


KajaPoker said...

You should play their bounty tourneys. Easy way to make money.

That kid needs his meds. RIGHT. NOWWWW !!!!!!!

Klopzi said...

I may give it a try at some point soon. Things should start to quiet down a little in the evenings and once they do, it'll be poker time...