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The Poker State of Mind

It was a long weekend for some of us up here in Canada. I had a nice relaxing three days off, even with two kids at home and some Christmas lights that needed putting up! However, the weekend didn't come without its frustrations...

When I was playing poker a lot and making half-decent money, I didn't really mind blowing money from time to time. To play poker well, you need to disassociate your bankroll and your chips from real-world money. After dropping almost $500 recently while running cold at the tables, not once did I stop to think of all the things that I could have bought with that money.

Having not played very much poker since the birth of my second son, I'm sorry to report that the value of money is once again known to me. Take, for example, a problem I encountered over the weekend involving my Xbox 360 and Saints Row, a game that I've been playing since mid-October. Read about the problem here then come back and I'll finish up my story.

When I was playing poker, I would have resolved this problem in straight-forward fashion.

Game's not working? Buy a new game.

Game's still not working? Buy a new Xbox 360.

Game's still not working? Call up Microsoft, give them the old "f u" speech, then buy a Playstation 3!

See how poker simplifies things? If you have the bankroll to burn and you're only interested in getting the most out of your free time, life is pretty simple.

However, since I'm without a large bankroll at the moment, I have no options right now other than to try and fix problems myself and finding compromise between my expectations and the harsh realities of the life as husband, father, and mortgage.

I really need to get my bankroll back again...

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