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Which is worse? A video game nerd or a poker nerd? I'm guessing the video game nerd since you can't make any money playing video games unless you're Korean or an awkward teenage boy with acne. I can't help but wonder what my wife is thinking as she watches me struggle to play a game that was originally designed for the strangely deft fingers and lightning reflexes of a twelve year old boy (or girl).

When I first met my wife, I knew nothing about poker. My hobby of choice at the time was video games and I'll admit that I failed to disclose to my wife-to-be how much I enjoyed video games. I still remember the shock on her face when she asked me if I actually felt the need to play video games every day: I said "Yes!" and she said "Fuck...".

But I look at poker, video games, and other nerdy past times as being positives for a marriage.

While some men spend tons of money on their hobbies, poker players make money with their hobby.

While some men prowl the bars looking to get lucky while their wives are out of town, I look to get lucky by luring the fabled Chewnicorn to my garden in Viva Pinata. And then, if I'm feeling particularly bold, I'll have some friends over so that we can drink beer and play some drunken lemur poker.

While some men sit on the couch drinking beer and watching football, I sit on the couch drinking pop and eating Doritos while logging an hour or two at the $50 NL tables or devouring hearts in The Darkness. Actually, I'll drink beer sometimes too...but at least I don't tie up the TV.

While some men prowl strip clubs or the red light districts looking for cheap thrills and exotic venereal diseases, I spend my time cleaning up the streets in Saints Row - my favourite murder simulator du jour.

So wives - be happy that your husbands are nerdy, awkward losers.

And guys - play on...


TripJax said...

"While some men spend tons of money on their hobbies, poker players make money with their hobby."

I agree, but I think I'd have to add the word "can" in that sentence between players and make. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Now, play on yo!

Klopzi said...

I think the reality is that very few actually make money. But I'd rather not scare away the fish...