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A Night Out

It was a cold and rainy night. Yet inside our house, the temperature was stable at a balmy 72 degrees to keep my newborn son happy. As I fed him his after-dinner bottle, he looked up at me, completely at peace, completely relaxed.

I seized the opportunity to ask him a single question:

"Do you think it would be okay if Daddy played some poker tonight?"

His answer?

Actually, his true response to my question was a bout of crying that lasted for well-over six hours; however, I'd rather not subject my readers to the dulcet sounds of a baby's crying fit.

To be honest though, my weekend was pretty good. No poker and very few video games were played - but I did get to attend a wedding with my wife. It was a well-deserved chance for the both of us to rejoin society and get another taste of what life was like before kids. I enjoyed having a drink with my wife in a bar, without the threat of our kids' screaming or crying blanketing the whole affair with nervous energy. And it was nice to eat dinner at a leisurely pace instead of wolfing it down while bouncing a baby in one arm.

Mind you, it was great to get home, pop up to the kids' rooms, and see them sleeping peacefully...

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