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Klopzi 2, eBay 0

Some of you might recall some bitching I did earlier this week in regards to eBay and the questionable purchasing strategies being used by my fellow auction afficianados. Well, I've finally managed a bit of revenge and have managed to score a few bargains of my own.

The following was originally posted at The Greedy Gamer:

After a long stretch of losing auction after auction on eBay, I've managed to score two games in the space of a few days. The first, The Godfather, was won earlier this week. I first discussed me "victory" here.

And today, I managed to pick up a premium title from eBay. For a while now, I've really been looking forward to playing The Darkness. Given the disparity in review scores from review site to review site, I was a little hesitant to pay full price for the game.

After playing The Darkness's demo on my Xbox 360, I decided that I liked the game and started actively searching for a good deal on eBay.

Earlier today, I managed to buy a used copy of The Darkness for $22 USD on eBay. Even with the $5 shipping and handling, I think I walked away with a real deal here.

Ok, that's it for this week. I wish I could play some poker this weekend but I'm still feeling quite tired and I have a wedding and pumpkin carving party to attend. I would like to mention that I've considered going back to the no-limit cash games again and playing some short-stacked $100 NL. Smart or suicidal? I guess we'll see when I have the time to gamble it up again!

Have a great weekend!

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