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Kicked Square in the Bankroll

There have been very few times in the past couple years of playing poker that have gone as badly as what I experienced this past weekend. All I can do is content myself that I had a witness to my misery and that my poor card luck seemed to be quite contagious.

I've been having an incredibly difficult time playing poker this past week. With a new baby requiring a feeding every two-and-a-half to three hours (and that's from the start of one feeding to the start of the next - not three hours between meals), it's been nigh impossible to get enough time to complete a single sit-and-go without interruption.

Saturday night was a different beast altogether. With the kids in bed and my wife willing to handle any baby-related emergencies, I had enough time to play a number of sit-and-gos; Mr. V. showed up as well to try his hand at some poker as well.

By midnight, I had played seven SNGs. Of those seven games, I'd managed to make the money a grand total of zero times. Poor play? Not really. Bad luck? Pretty much. I'd go into detail but it doesn't really matter. I will say that I'm amazed by the number of times my opponents managed to pick up AA and AK when the tables got short-handed and I made some standard push-steals.

When it came time to play the WBCOOP yesterday, I wasn't feeling all that optimistic about my chances. To make matters worse, stacks started out at t10,000 with the blinds going up every fifteen minutes. This may not sound that bad to those of you who have tons of free time but for me, it basically guaranteed that I would not be able to play the tournament through to the end. Still, as long as there was money to be won, I'd continue playing. And then I found out that there were no cash prizes for placing...

Long story short, I managed to last quite a while for someone trying desperately to lose. I ended up losing a coin flip with my QTs when I tried to steal the blinds from late MP and the BB jammed on me. I was getting 2:1 on my money and I figured to be in a coin flip situation so I called. BB showed KJ and connected on the turn to knock me down to about t13,000.

A couple orbits later, the very same player who doubled up through me decided to steal from the CO by making it t2,4000 with the blinds at t400/t800. I was holding pocket threes in the BB and figured that CO couldn't call a large raise from me unless he had a premium hand. So I pushed my t11,500 into the pot and I would have been quite happy to win the t3,600 already there. Unfortunately, the CO decided to call off all his chips with ace-rag and the ace on the flop sent me packing.

Although I'm not happy with the hit my bankroll took this weekend, I can take solace in the fact that I'm playing my game and getting my money in with the best of it time after time. And though it's harder to accept the realities of poker variance with a greatly reduced playing schedule, I can only look forward to the good luck that I feel I am due.

Given that I've only managed to take down a second place finish and a couple third place finishes in my last thirty sit-and-gos, I really hope that my upswing comes soon...


SitNGoTraining.com said...

I feel for you. Been there, done that! I think it is impressive that you didn't tilt off your entire bankroll. Having "unlucky" spells is part of the game. Ensuring you have a bankroll management plan in place to make sure you do not get wiped out during these times is critical.

Congrats on the new baby!

Klopzi said...

I don't really tilt: I give up long before that happens...