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Absolute Scandal

I tend to stay clear of playing any poker when I'm as tired as I am today. Last night, my first born decided that he wasn't going to sleep and that's all there was to it. Although I managed to win the battle of wills after a two hour stand-off, I'm now exhausted while my son's energy levels have been completely recharged after a good night's sleep. For what it's worth, I have a funny feeling that this not-sleeping-thing is only going to get worse over time and that frightens.

But you know what else frightens me? The filthy cheating that's gone on unnoticed at Absolute Poker until recently.

Is it possible that you haven't heard about the scandal? Here's the short-version: someone once affiliated with Absolute Poker found a way to login to the poker network using a super-user account which allowed him to see each players' hole cards at his table. Pretty brutal...

If you want full details from reputable news sources, read here, here, and here.

If you'd like to see how the 2+2 community is reacting to this news, try here and here.

It's hard to imagine just how badly Absolute's users were cheated. Below are four videos of a $1000 buy-in tournament (don't hold me to that exact number though) where Absolute Poker's "POTRIPPER" is logged in with the super-user account and tearing up the tables. Please note POTRIPPER's complete and utter lack of subtlety. I'd have played a little differently myself since a VP$IP of close to 100% is pretty suspicious when you also happen to win most of the pots you play.

The four videos below demonstrate POTRIPPER's cheating, super-user ways. The hands are being played through a hand re-player, in case you were wondering why the video does not show Absolute Poker's tainted logo in any way.

Anyway, I just thought you'd like to watch those videos. It's just brutal to watch. I feel so bad for the guys and gals getting screwed over by this absolute prick.

And unless I happen to get a hold of a super-user account myself, I'll probably be unable to hit the tables this weekend. This whole "baby" thing is really eating into my free time and my sanity and I'd rather not burn another few hundred dollars from my bankroll in a desperate attempt to please my readers. Instead, I plan on playing Saints Row (Xbox 360's only "murder simulator" until GTA IV comes out next year), watching TV with my wife, and playing with my kids.

Have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday as tired as ever, I'm sure...

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