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Up, Up, and Away!

After my session last night at Full Tilt, I've decided to move up to the $20 buy-in sit-n-gos. I've only played twenty-two SNGs since last Friday, and only eighteen at the $10/$11 buy-in level, but I feel quite ready to take on the bigger buy-in games. If I were to tell you my ROI% right now, you'd punch me in the face and call me a liar. In any case, short-term variance or not, the siren song of the $20s are calling my name.

Where to play, where to play?

Full Tilt has been very kind to me in the past few days and I'll definitely give them a good chunk of my business in the coming weeks. However, I know for a fact that the SNGs running at Titan Poker are some of the fishiest around. Whereas Full Tilt's 9-person Turbos take roughly 45 minutes from start to finish, Titan's 10-person Turbos struggle to reach the 30 minute mark. In fact, in one SNG I played at Titan over the weekend, there were only five players left by the time level two started. Now's that fishy!

The only downside to Titan Poker is one of limited traffic. For example, Titan had very few sit-n-gos actually running at 9 PM EST last night. And of those at the $10 or higher buy-in level, there were no turbos running. I guess I could always play a regular 10-person SNG at Titan while running the turbos at Full Tilt. My overlay at Titan Poker is a little higher than what I get at Full Tilt; however, sit-n-gos are a volume business and business is quite good at FT.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I was also thinking of giving Hollywood Poker's $20 SNGs a try as well. I've been told by Mr. V. that OnGame's sit-n-go players are not the greatest in the world. I managed to browse the games running at Hollywood Poker last night and was a little disapointed by their lack of traffic (a common theme nowadays). I'd rather not have to wait ten minutes for a sit-n-go to start when I know that Full Tilt can deliver the goods in under 30 seconds.

One final option would be to try out the games running at PartyPoker. Mr. V. has told me that the players at Party are of the fishy variety and he has the numbers to prove it. Still, I'm all about the overlays though and if Party is not offering any bonuses, I tend to stay away. As a PartyPoker affiliate, I should probably try to give them more of my business. Then again, maybe Party should offer me more incentive to play. I think this is a catch-22 type thing.

No matter where I end up playing, my primary goal is to continue playing well. If I can maintain solid ROI and ITM percentages at the $20 SNGs, I may consider giving the $30 SNGs a shot. I've heard some of the more conservative 2+2ers argue that having a bankroll of 100 buy-ins is better than simply settling for 50 buy-ins. Normally, I'd agree. However, I don't mind moving down a buy-in level or two when my bankroll dips below a specific number of buy-ins. I view my bankroll more as an assessment of my current skill level and not as pile of money that I can tear through in a desperate attempt to make back my losses.

Tomorrow or perhaps on Friday, I'd like to discuss one aspect of sit-n-go strategy that has really helped generate better results as of late. If I can help any of my readers pick up an extra win here or there, I'll be happy.


PS: I think Trip's last post, Taking Shots, has inspired me to try a few heads-up SNGs along the way. I'll be focusing my efforts on the witless masses of online poker players who are happy to give their money away. O only say this since there are a number of poker bloggers out there who are content to take each other on: I am either too cowardly or too smart to even attempt matching wits and bankrolls with anyone who writes about poker on a regular basis.

I'll also be looking for heads-up SNGs with blinds that rise rather quickly. I'm not looking to outplay my opponents: I'll happily settle for out-flopping them instead.

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