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Online Poker IS Rigged!

Poker is a brutal game when you're winning and far worse when the cards really don't cooperate. I've been on the losing end of a lot of bad beats over time and have, on occasion, even pulled out the occasional two-outer to steal a pot. However, below is a hand that I believe proves, once and for all, that online poker is most definitely rigged!

Actually, maybe I should re-phrase that. I don't think online poker is rigged against every player out there: that would be silly. In fact, judging from my experiences and the blogs I read daily, I'm going to go out on a limb and declare that online poker is rigged against the following three players:

How is it that I can possibly begin to compare my woes to those of Fuel and Waffles?

The following hand takes place amidst another horrible losing skid at PokerStars $16 Turbo SNGs. This hand put my losing streak at thirteen straight SNGs. Thirteen straight buy-ins lost with not even a second or third place showing for my troubles. Is is bad luck or bad skill that's keeping me down and out?

Take a look at the following hand and you tell me...

No Limit Holdem Tournament
Blinds: t100/t200 + t25 Ante
5 players

Stack sizes:
Hero: t2865
CO: t1465
Button: t4395
SB: t3275
BB: t1500

(FYI: SB had just finished doubling up through me on a previous hand. A3 vs. T9s all-in pre-flop; I caught an ace on the flop but SB caught runner-runner to make his straight on the river.)

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is UTG with A♥ A♣

Hero raises to t500, 2 folds, SB raises all-in t3250, BB calls all-in t1275, Hero calls all-in t2340.
Uncalled bets: t410 returned to SB.

Flop: 8♣ 3♦ T♠ (t5915, 0 player + 3 all-in - Main pot: t4550, Sidepot 1: t2730)

Turn: J♦ (t5915, 0 player + 3 all-in - Main pot: t4550, Sidepot 1: t2730)

River: 9♣ (t5915, 0 player + 3 all-in - Main pot: t4550, Sidepot 1: t2730)

Final pot: t5915
SB showed Qs Qd
BB showed Qc Qh
Hero showed Ah Ac

(This hand was so sick. My wife was upset at SB for sucking out on me on the previous hand, so you can only imagine her outrage at these results. I could only laugh and be content that I had just witnessed the worst bad beat that I'd ever seen over the past couple years.)

Since experiencing this soul-sucking defeat, I've managed to string together a few cashes and a win at PokerStars' $16 Turbos. Winning is definitely the best medicine out there!

And so I'll continue to grind away at Stars in the hopes of exacting my revenge on all those other players who've seen fit to make bad calls on the bubble, shove with any two cards in the face of my UTG raise, or call off all their chips on the flop with bottom pair only to hit two-pair, a straight, or flush on the river.

Hopefully, the last laugh will be mine...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...

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