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No More Cold, No More Hot Streak...

Guess what? My cold's pretty well gone! Unfortunately, this disease's influence is both far reaching and rather sinister...

Before writing any further, I need to apologize if this post comes across as disjointed or garbled. The wonderful head cold that invaded my body early Monday seems to have left me in favour of another host; the ill-fated receptacle of this fiendish disease being non other than my eleven month-old son.

There's no worse feeling than watching a baby struggle with a dripping nose and raspy chest. My son's cold got so bad last night that he wouldn't sleep. And so I found myself sitting in my son's room until four-thirty this morning, trying to comfort him enough so that he could finally fall asleep. I ended up winning the fight and my son finally passed out (almost literally) and was still sleeping soundly when I awoke at seven o'clock to shower, shave, and take care of all other morning business.

In poker news, the departure of my cold has signalled the end of my sit-and-go hot streak. I can't complain: I had a great run. Sixteen finishes in the money over the course of twenty sit-and-gos played and an ROI of well over 100%! Not too shabby for a self-proclaimed tournament donkey.

I should note, however, that my winning streak at PokerStars has not come to an end. While I've been feeling under the weather, I decided to stick to playing some non-turbo SNGs at Absolute Poker. They gave me some free money so I thought I'd play some SNGs on their dollar. I started off by playing a $7 SNG and took that down pretty easily. The players were terrible and I got lucky a couple times as well. By the time we were three-handed with blinds of t100/t200, I had a stack of about t11500 while my two opponents shared the remaining t3500. All in all, it was a pretty sweet sit-and-go for me and really helped me see just how far my sit-and-go game has come in just a few weeks.

Last night, I played a couple $11 SNGs at Absolute and was not so lucky. In the first, I went out when I pushed on the button with QJs after failing to notice that the chip leader had already limped UTG. Although I hoped that I'd get away with my awful mistake, the chip leader eventually called and showed me his A9. He flopped two pair and I was out in fifth.

The next SNG saw me pushing UTG with A♥ T♥. There were still 9 players left but the table was super tight and I had 8 BBs (t1650) left in my stack: more than enough to seriously cripple anyone who dared call me. Unfortunately, both the uber-tight CO (t800) and the slighty-less-tight chip leader (t3000) in the SB called my all-in. When the CO showed his Hilton Sisters (QQ) and the chip leader turned over his Big Slick (AK), my goose was cooked; I finished in 7th after the chip leader flopped a King.

I then decided to tilt away a bit more money by playing a few heads-up SNGs: I went one for three. In my defense, I did lose both SNGs after getting my money in with the best of it:

  • In my first loss, I got all the money in pre-flop with my QQ against the other guy's AQ. I hate getting all-in against AQ because I can't seem to beat that hand. Things were no different this time around as the flop came down A A 8 and I was drawing dead. My opponent had me outchipped by about t200 so that was all she wrote for me.
  • In my second loss, my opponent and I had similar stack sizes yet again: my t1250 vs. his t1750. I got all the money in with KK versus my opponent's AQ. The flop gave my opponent a queen and I was left to wonder when the second queen or ace would hit: on the turn or on the river? My sit-and-go ended when the turn card gave my opponent his two pair, Aces and Queens, and the river card failed to bring the King that I so desperately needed.

Although I'm no longer sick, I've had just north of two and a half hours sleep. Tonight will most likekly be spent walking about like a zombie until my son goes to sleep, at which point I may follow suit and collapse into bed. Be that as it may, there is $12 sitting in my Absolute account so I may play one sleepy sit-and-go before calling it a night.

Tomorrow night, I'll be back at PokerStars trying to clear my WCOOP2007 reload bonus at the $16 Turbo tables. If all goes well, I may even jump up to the medium stakes tables having recently increased my bankroll thanks to some help from Doubleuwhy.

Ok, time to head off for work before I fall asleep...

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