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Managing Your Online Poker Bankroll

Many other sites out there have gone into the dos and don'ts of bankroll management. Basically, the rules are pretty simple: twenty buy-ins for no-limit cash games, three hundred big bets for limit cash game, fifty buy-ins for sit-n-gos, and one hundred buy-ins for multi-table tournaments.

But who needs numbers and math when there is an even easier way to explain proper bankroll management?

So...you're ready to play online poker? You have a bit of money but don't know where to start. What to do, what to do...

Here's one solid piece of advice: go read Ed Hollis' poker blog, 88% Concentration. Start reading Ed's archives, dating back to February 2006.

Now, I promised you some bankroll advice, right? Now that you've read everything over at 88% Concentration, my advice boils down to one simple point:

Do the exact opposite of everything Ed does in his blog when it comes to choosing your table stakes and when building and managing your bankroll.

Simple, eh? And I may have just saved you thousands upon thousands of lost dollars right there!

(As an aside, Ed's blog is pretty entertaining in that "train-wreck" way, much like RedPill's site. You have to give the guy credit for jumping into some of the biggest stakes games available. Oh, a thanks to Wes for pointing out Ed's site.)

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