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Don't you hate it when you feel a cold coming on? You hope that it's simply allergies or perhaps a little extra something being pumped into the air at work. Then you get home, start sneezing, and before you know it, the snot factory's open for business. Unfortunately for me, business is quite good at the moment.

Sick or not, I wanted to play at least one sit-and-go last night to try out a new mouse I won off eBay. If you're interested, I picked up the Fellowes USB Micro Track Ball: it's a hand-held mouse that I'm hoping will help alleviate the constant tingling and numbness in my "mouse" hand.

I put my new mouse through the paces by playing a single $6 Turbo SNG at PokerStars. I wasn't that pleased with the mouse, though I'll admit that I might sing a different tune after having had a little more practice with it.

I was, however, pleased that I managed to take first in the sit-and-go, despite the aching body, lightheadedness, dripping nose, and sore throat.

Tonight, I've got a bit to do after work but I plan on relaxing as soon as possible. I'm hoping to play a few $16 Turbos at Stars, though I may play fewer SNGs and/or at a lower buy-in depending on how I'm feeling. Right now, things aren't looking all that great for me and my failing health.


Lifesagrind said...

I'm surprised you've been blogging this long and I've never come across your site. Like the layout by the way.

I have the exact same trackball, purchased for the exact same reasons. I don't mind it but I only use it when my hand really gets uncomfortable.

I'll certainly link you up and your right about the derth of sng bloggers. I'm adding you to google reader as I write this.

Klopzi said...

Hey LAG -

Thanks for linking me up! I appreciate it.

Yeah, I get the feeling that there are a lot of people out there who don't know about me. I've never been a big fan of going around and asking for link exchanges. That plan seems to have back-fired, resulting in many of my posts never making it out to as many readers as I'd like.

I'll be keeping up on your blog from now on. I'm interested in seeing how long it takes for you to pull out of the $24 SNG funk. I recently went through a bad spell at the $24s and fled back to the $12s at Full Tilt and the $16s at Stars.

Thanks again!

KajaPoker said...

Hey Klopzi - I didn't know you were back to poker blogging. I will add you to my links again.

Klopzi said...

Hey Kaja -

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Yep, I'm back. Started back up in July: a few months hiatus was long enough to put things back into perspective and realize that I actually enjoy playing poker.