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Back to Work!

Well, play time is over! After spending the past four days playing some non-turbos at Absolute Poker, along with a some heads-up and multi-table SNGs, I'm heading back to PokerStars' $16 Turbo sit-and-gos.

It took me four days to lose the $10 given to me by Absolute Poker. After winning a $7 sit-and-go, I managed to accrue a number of losses and eventually dumped all of my free money back into the poker economy. All in all, I played well but couldn't overcome a few bouts of bad luck nor could I manage to win a heads-up match to save my life. When it comes to heads-up play, if the blinds aren't big enough to make each hand a gamble for my tournament life, I seem to fail miserably.

As it stands now, my plans for the weekend include (i.e. excluding the strong possibility of my wife going into labour):

  • Playing the $16 and $27 Turbos at Stars. I've got the bankroll to play the $27s so I might as well try them out. I'm allocating $200 of my bankroll towards playing these higher staked games; hopefully, things will go better this time around than they did when I first tried Full Tilt's Turbo $22s. If things go well, I'll phase out the $16s entirely and stick with the higher buy-in sit-and-gos.

  • Playing in RakeTheRake's $10,000 freeroll taking place at Absolute Poker this coming Sunday. Traditionally, I've done well in RakeTheRake's freerolls and I hope this trend continues.

  • Buying my very own copy of SNG Wizard. Now that I'm beginning to understand how ICM works, I could really use this application to analyze my sit-and-go play. I know that I'm making quite a number of donkey moves that are costing me money, not to mention the fact that I'm undoubtedly missing a number of +cEV situations as well.

September has been a pretty good month for me so far and I hope to finish things off with a bang. I expect to be playing far less poker in October with the arrival of the baby. I may even have to hold off on playing sit-and-gos until such time that I'm sure to have an hour of uninterrupted free time. Whether this means more cash games (NL, PLO, or maybe even some LHE which I'll admit to missing somewhat) or more Xbox 360 remains to be seen.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Littleacornman said...

Have you tried the 18 player turbos at Stars? I find them far jucier than the 9 man games.

Good luck with the plan!

Klopzi said...

Hey littleacornman -

Yes I have. Actually, just one at Stars. I came in 4th. Maybe I'll try some again in the near future once I'm fed up with the 9-man turbos.

My biggest problem is that I'm finding little time to play so my sample sizes are way too small to come to any meaningful conclusions as to whether I'm a winning player at any of the games I try.

I've also heard that the 45-player SNGs are really good, though with somewhat higher variance.

Thanks for stopping by: I'll definitely give the 18-player turbos a chance and post my results for everyone's reading pleasure and my shame...

Amatay said...

Hello mate, ive added your addy onto my blog under poker sites. Can you add me pls, cheers

Klopzi said...

You got it Amatay!