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Session Review #7: Titan Poker, $50 NL (6-max)

Well, I'm back after taking four days off. I'd like to say I'm well rested but I'd be lying. Still, a little fatigue can't keep me from the tables...as long as I have a few cans of Red Bull lying about to help clear the cobwebs.

This session took place at Titan Poker last Thursday evening. I think I played most of my hands well that night, though you may not be inclined to agree after reviewing the "footage". You'll notice that, as usual, my passive opponents always seem to get the best of me when ever we're in a hand together.

Titan Poker ($50 NL)

Hero ($53.40)
SB ($51.05)
BB ($59.37)
Villain (Villain) ($44.70)

Hero is BTN with A♥ A♣

Villain raises to $2.00; Hero raises to $6.00; SB folds; BB folds; Villain calls $4.00;

(Villain was pretty tight. When he called my re-raise, I put him on AA-JJ or AK. My image at the table should've been pretty solid at this point.)

Flop: 3♠ 8♠ J♣

Villain checks; Hero bets $10.00; Villain raises to $20.00; Hero calls $10.00;

(I could have pushed here on the flop. However, since I was planning on going broke with this hand no matter what happened on the turn or river, I felt that I could get all the money in on a later street. Given Villain's remaining stack after the $20 check-raise, I should've just pushed the flop since he would have most likely call getting 4:1 odds.)

Turn: 7♥

Villain bets $18.70; Hero calls $18.70;
(Easy call on my part. If he had a set of JJ, good for him.)

River: 8♥

Final Pot: $88.15

Hero shows Ah Ac (Yay!)
Villain shows Qh Qd

Titan Poker ($50 NL)

Hero ($57.00)
BTN ($3.50)
SB ($13.00)
BB ($55.62)

Hero is CO with 5♠ 5♣

Hero raises to $2.00; BTN is all-in ($3.50); SB calls $3.25; BB folds; Hero raises to $22.00; SB is all-in ($9.50);

(When SB calls BTN's all in, I decide to go for a squeeze play. I like my chances against one hand but not so much against two hands. Dodging four overcards on the flop, turn and river is not fun. When SB calls, all I can say is "Oops!". Guess I over-valued presto...)

Flop: 4♥ 5♦ J♦

Turn: Q♦

River: T♠

Final Pot: $37.50
Hero shows 5s 5c (Huzzah!)
BTN shows Ah Qh
SB shows Ac 9d (I was NOT expecting to be shown this hand!)

Titan Poker ($50 NL)

BTN ($49.25)
Hero ($50.00)
BB ($63.09)
Villain ($36.05)
Villain+1 ($45.50)
Seat 10: CO ($54.00)

Hero is SB with Q♣ Q♦

Villain calls $0.50; Villain+1 folds; CO folds; BTN folds; Hero raises to $3.25; BB folds; Villain calls $2.75;

(Just my second hand at table. When villain limped and called my raise, I put him on a pocket pair. This was a mistake on my part given that I knew nothing about Villain.)

Flop: 3♠ 5♠ A♦

Hero bets $6.00; Villain calls $6.00;

(I needed to bet this flop. When Villain flat called, I narrowed his hand range down to 66 - TT or a flush draw, possibly with the ace of spades.)

Turn: 3♦

Hero checks; Villain bets $8.50; Hero calls $8.50;

(When Villain bet the turn, I was still fairly confident in my hand. I figured I could call here and fold to a large river bet. Definitely one of the disadvantages of playing out of position.)

River: T♥

(Nice! Free showdown. The check behind also gave me a little hope that I'd been ahead the whole time and Villain had been a little too loose with his busted flush draw. Had Villain bet big here, I would've folded assuming I was behind to a monster - I don't trust unknown players limping UTG and calling large raises.)

Hero checks; Villain checks;

Final Pot: $34.20

Hero shows Qc Qd
Villain shows Ah Jc (damn...)

Titan Poker ($50 NL)

SB ($50.60)
Hero ($50.00)
UTG ($62.34)
CO (Villain) ($53.25)
BTN ($43.50)

Hero is BB with J♦ T♥

UTG folds; Villain calls $0.50; BTN folds; SB folds; Hero checks;

(Same Villain as last hand. Time for a little revenge?)

Flop: 3♦ 8♣ T♠

Hero bets $1.00; Villain calls $1.00;

(Value bet...)

Turn: 3♠

Hero bets $3.00; Villain calls $3.00;

(I wasn't about to give a free card on the turn. Any A - J, 9 and 7 would have me a little worried about my hand's strength. A pot-sized bet seemed pretty reasonable here.)

River: 8♦

Hero checks; Villain bets $6.50; Hero calls $6.50;

(I checked the river to induce the bluff. I was ready to call a pot-sized bet or smaller.)

Final Pot: $21.15

Hero shows Jd Th
Villain shows Ks 8s (Damn again! I'm paying off like Clonie Gowen here...)

Titan Poker ($50 NL)

Hero ($96.10)
BTN ($60.92)
SB ($49.75)
Seat 10: BB ($48.75)

Hero is CO with Q♠ T♥

Hero raises to $2.00; BTN calls $2.00; SB folds; BB calls $1.50;

(My last hand of the night. I'd been raising quite a bit at this table and both the BTN and BB had shown that they could fold to c-bets. I liked my chances to take down an easy pot.)

Flop: 7♠ T♦ 4♥

BB checks; Hero bets $5.00; BTN folds; BB calls $5.00;

(I didn't mind the call here - I had top pair and position.)

Turn: 9♦

BB checks; Hero checks;

(I should have bet the turn. With the board showing straight and flush possibilities, there were not many river cards that would make me happy.)

River: 4♦

BB bets $11.00; Hero folds;

(The BB's bet was too large for me to call. A flush draw hit on the river and there was always the chance that BB had hit a straight on the turn and was looking for an opportunity to check-raise. A bet on the turn would have clarified things a little.)

Final Pot: $26.45

I've really got to force myself to wait for good situations before throwing my money into the pot. All too often, I find myself clicking the bet or raise button and justifying my actions after the hand has finished. If I simply forced myself to wait for those hands when I truly believe that I'm ahead before sweetening the pot, I'd probably have better results.

Once I'm able to wait for good spots to get my money in, I'll need to work on better identifying these spots when they pop up from time to time. Without these two crucial skills, poker won't be the greatest money-maker for me.

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