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Review: Internet-Poker.co.uk

Ten years ago, how many of you knew anything about poker? How about five years ago? For me, poker was a game you played around the kitchen table. Cigars, snacks and drinks were equally (or more important) than the cards we played and the penny antes we lost each hand.

And yet now, poker is a worldwide phenomenon played by everyone and his brother. And thanks to UK Poker Sites (http://www.internet-poker.co.uk/), there is no reason for not giving poker a shot.

Every poker review site worth its salt needs to give its readers three vital pieces of information:

  1. A list of US Poker Rooms that will accept U.S. players. Last year, this wasn't really a consideration; however, we live in a post UIGEA world. And until the lawmakers in the States smarten up, U.S. players need to know which sites will welcome their business with open arms.

    UK Poker Sites presents a list of 6 great poker rooms that accept U.S. players, along with deposit bonuses for new players and room reviews. This information is vital for those U.S. players looking to break into online poker.

  2. Of course, UK Poker Sites also presents a list of ten poker rooms that accept International players. Again, each room is reviewed and has its deposit bonuses listed as well.

  3. The last piece of the puzzle (already mentioned above) are Poker Site Reviews. Any site that promotes an online poker room should also be able to provide its readers with solid reviews that explain the pros and cons of each poker room.

    Each review lists the games available at a poker room, the bonuses available, poker room contact details, and the reviewer's personal feelings towards the reviewed site.
Are you looking to break into online poker? Are you looking for an easy way review your options while choosing a poker room to visit? Visit http://www.internet-poker.co.uk/ and you may just find the answers you seek.

The preceding post was a paid review for UK Poker Sites.

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