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Long Weekend!

Is there any better feeling than getting ready to leave work on the Friday before a long weekend? Other than getting married, witnessing the birth of your children, winning the lottery, developing x-ray vision, finding out you have the ability to fly, or raking in the largest pot of your life: no!

For those of you keeping tabs, here are my plans for the weekend:

  1. Drinks and sit-n-gos! I know better than to play NL cash games with a few drinks in me but SNGs, on the other hand...

    Mr. V. will hopefully stop by this evening and walk me through some SNGs. He's actually quite good at these things and I'm always up for learning more tricks of the trade. Sit-n-gos have not treated me all that well in the past and I'm hoping to turn things around.

  2. While on the subject of poker, I'll be hitting up Titan Poker (my new all-time favourite site) for some more $50 NL fun. As my bankroll approaches the levels necessary for $100 NL, I've found myself really looking forward to my "short but sweet" nightly poker sessions. I've also noticed that my game is really starting to come together which is a great feeling. After taking so much time away from the tables earlier this year, I was a very worried that I'd never be able to play poker with any success ever again.

  3. No weekend would be complete without spending a lot of time with my wife and son. Some food, some movies, and a lot of time relaxing on the couch are in order. I plan on playing quite a few games of peek-a-boo and tickle monster with my son. I think we may also pop out to Wal-mart or something, but plans are still up in the air at this point. Who knows - we may even go a little crazy and hit the grocery store too!

  4. Sleep...I need sleep. I'm hoping my wife does me a solid and lets me sleep in one day this weekend. You'd be amazed at how much better I feel after a solid 8 hours of sleep.

  5. Finally, I'll rescue a few Little Sisters and kill off countless Splicers in the eerily beautiful underwater city of Rapture while working my way through BioShock.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! And if you're going to drink, please drink responsibly. Failing that, please don't drink and drive. Drinking and gambling, however, is perfectly acceptable - this being a theory I plan to test myself in a few hours time.

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