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The Value of a Dollar

As I sat down to play at the $10 NL tables last week, there were two important questions that needed answering. Would I remember how to play poker? Would I look at a buy-in as a tool to win others' chips at the table? Answering the first question isn't too hard. I sat at a table, played a bunch of hands, and realized that the skills I had were still there although somewhat diminished.

The second question, however, is not as easily answered.

In my time away from the tables, I was forced to monitor my spending on my other hobby: video games. Unlike when I was playing poker, I couldn't just go out and spend at will knowing that I could always justify any of my purchases by simply dipping into my bankroll. If there was a game I wanted to play, I'd scour the second-hand games at some local stores or I'd visit eBay to try and find a deal. I managed to acquire a number of games by spending very little money and re-learned the value of a dollar.

Of course, knowing the value of a dollar is not always a good thing. For example, when I sit down at a $50 NL table, I can't think of my stack as that new game I'd like to buy or the nice dinner it could afford at the local Denny's (that's right, I like Denny's!).

All this to say that I'm happy to report that I've completely forgotten the real-world value of money yet again. In the past five days, I've played at a number of no-limit tables, buying in for $10, $20, or $25. And in each case, I've thrown my chips around without any regard for the video games, toys, and meals I could buy with that money.

In fact, I've done so well in this regard that I've managed to lose a couple buy-ins in the process. I guess now I just need to re-learn the value of playing a little tighter and more aggressively: a 40% VP$IP and 0.25 turn aggression factor just aren't gonna cut it...


sag said...

indeed 40% vpip is too much unless you play 2-4 handed. still you can ALWAYS outplay the fish after the flop ;))
anyways do you feel like adding my blog to your list?

Klopzi said...

sag -

You've been added to the list. I can always use a little more European content.