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Not posting but still playing

I just thought I'd drop a quick line letting everyone know that I'm still playing poker. Unfortunately, things have been a little busy at home with the family. And when things get busy, it's hard to play and post with any regularity.

That being said, I've been storing up further session reviews for posting later this week (hopefully tomorrow...). Things are still going pretty well at the tables: Titan Poker continues to impress me with the number and quality of $50 NL (6-max) games going at any one time.

I also feel that my game is coming along nicely as well. I'm finding myself faced with fewer and fewer "hard" decisions while playing: whether this is due to my good play or my opponents' bad play is hard to ascertain at this time.

Besides a little poker and a lot of time with my family, I managed to finish another Xbox 360 game this past weekend. You can read my review for the game over at The Greedy Gamer.

I hope everyone's enjoying life and enjoying poker. That's what it's all about, right?

I'll be back tomorrow with another session review.

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