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Joining the Party

I logged into PartyPoker yesterday afternoon for the sole purpose of checking out the action. I knew that Party was offering a reload bonus and I wanted to see if it would be worth my time and money to grind out a little free cash. Luckily for me, Party was also kind enough to offer me a free $5 which I subsequently took to a $25 NL table. How's the action at Party? Pretty good!

I lost my $5 within 10 minutes of playing. Facing a raise from the button, I pushed all in with my AKs for $7 and was called by the BB. He had 33, the board didn't help me, and I was gone. Though the action was short-lived, I noticed that 3 of my 5 opponents were extremely weak: VP$IPs at around 55%-65%, PFR% hovering at 0%-2%, and AFs of 0.25. If you use Poker Tracker, you know just how sweet it is to have opponents like these. After that brief session, I shut down that laptop and planned to hit up Party later that evening.

After my son was asleep and everything was settled for the night, I fired up Party again and took advantage of a 40% up to $100 reload bonus. Given that my bankroll is a little smaller now, I opted to deposit $100. I figured that at the clear rate posted at BonusWhores, I'd be looking at around 12 hours to clear a $40 bonus.

My evening session went well despite the fatigue I was feeling from a number of sleepless nights. My wife cheered me on while she watched TV, praising me from time to time or mercilessly insulting my opponents.

The worst hand of the night came 5 minutes in. UTG limped to me on the button and I made it $1.25 to go with my pocket fours. When it folded back to him, he re-raised me to $2.25. Although the limp-reraise is typically indicative of pocket aces or cowboys, I'd seen UTG do this same move 5 out of the last 10 hands. I put him on a couple face cards or Ace-rag and called his re-raise.

I won't bore you with a full hand history (and I don't have the hand up on PokerHand.org). All the money went in on the turn and I got rivered when UTG hit the gut-shot straight. Not a great way to lose a full buy-in but well within standard operating procedure.

I got my money back later in the session when I rivered a full house on a scary looking board. My opponent in that hand was not the greatest player around: he ended up showing down a pair of sevens, no kicker. That pot, worth just north of $60, put my session back on track.

From that point on, the rest of my session pushing around the smaller stacks. In then end, Poker Tracker informed me that I'd ended my session with a win rate of 12 BB/100. That's about as high as I could hope for given some of the unfortunate hands that played out/

Tonight, I'll be hitting up Party again. I think I'll give the $50 NL tables another shot given the current state of my bankroll. Win or lose, I'm getting better with each session and I hope to play the $50 NL tables regularly as soon as possible.


For all you Canadians out there, I wanted to point out a promotion recently launched by Titan Poker. It's called Poker Night in Canada and it inolves some tournaments available to Canadian customers only. I'm not sure if I'll play in any of the tournaments offered but we'll see if I can find the time. I believe a number of them play out at 8PM EST which is a little too early for me.

You can find the full details of the promotion here or on the banner below.

And if you don't have a Titan Poker account, you can sign up by clicking here. FYI: Titan is on the iPoker network which has pretty good traffic now, as well as some soft 6-max NL tables.

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