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If you ever find yourself worrying that the number of fish playing poker will eventually die off, just read the following excerpt from the 2+2 Forums. It gets me excited about playing poker again!

The OP in this case has just been told to always buy-in for the maximum at any NL table he decides to play.

His response?

I always hear this, but why? On UB hardly anyone buys in for a full stack and I usually double up anyway. The most I ever missed out on was a couple bucks. The full stacks tend to be LAGs. Good way to lose a full BI. I don't really know. I'm so used to SnGs that some stuff I just don't get yet.

Maybe I've been too hasty in trying to withdraw from Ultimate Bet?

He then adds:

Thanks for all the advice. My problem (maybe a good one, IDK) is that I like to withdraw $50 or $100 rather often. Everytime I hit $200 I have taken at least $50 out. I don't know if I could wait till $500 to cashout at all;)

Maybe poker's not his game then? I guess you don't need to worry too much about bankroll requirements if you're just playing for fun, right?

I have a job for a few days a week, but make more money playing poker. Not just for fun. I want to EVENTUALLY be playing 10/20, I don't have any interest in making tiny profits and re-loading. I have NEVER reloaded and don't plan on it.

Personally, I feel that playing 10/20 on a $200 bankroll is cutting it a little close.

It's also a little sad that OP makes more money playing $10 NL than he does at his job.

Well, sad and funny...

Finally, our little comedy when OP loses his patience in the face of the collective wisdom of the 2+2 community:

I'm gonna try 5-tabling 10NL with full buy-ins on all 5 tables. Anyone who says I don't understand what YOU call cocepts in poker can go to hell. No one plays the same.

Cocept(?) or not, I say go get 'em Tiger!

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