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Gimme a break!

Rather than easing my way back into poker, I've really taken it up again with enthusiasm. Tonight, though, I think I'll take be taking a break.

In the past week or so, I've managed to finish clearing the $40 bonus I had at PartyPoker. I could have gone for a bigger bonus but I was a little unsure as to the amount of time it would take to clear the bonus.

It ended up taking me six sessions of roughly 250 hands per session to clear the 160 points required. That's not too bad, though hardly on par with Party's older bonuses. Remember the days when you could clear a $100 bonus in a single afternoon at the tables?

Most importantly, I was up at the tables over the course of the bonus. I ran at about 6 BB/100 which is pretty good. I think I could get that higher if I ramp up my aggression again and re-focus on building big pots with my big hands. As I learned last night, not every player will call an all-in river push no matter how much he or she thinks you're bluffing.

Anyway, I'll probably sit back with my Xbox 360 tonight, have a few beers (reminder: pick up beer), and spend some time grinding my way through Enchanted Arms (imagine Final Fantasy with less cutscenes and more openly gay characters).

If I tire of that, it's back to some hobo bashing in Condemned: Criminal Origins. This game is actually so scary that there are a number of people who've been unwilling or unable to complete it. After a few beers, hobos just aren't that scary. Mind you, the hobos wearing Santa hats while bleeding through the eyes can still put me on tilt for a little while.

As for poker, I still have one more PartyPoker session to post. I'll give you a quick preview: I play so weak tight, you'd think I was Tuff_Fish.

When I return to the tables on Thursday, I think I'll hit up Titan Poker's $50 NL tables. They have some great games running right now!

See ya!

*** UPDATE ***

Looks like Titan Poker's got a reload bonus going right now...and I happen to have a bit of money kicking around in my Moneybookers account. Ok, plan's still to take the night off...but I may take a few minutes to check this bonus out...

*** UPDATE #2***

Scratch that - looks like Titan Poker does not have a reload bonus going right now. Must have been a slight hiccup in Bonuswhores' RSS feed...

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