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Back to the grind?

I'm not making any guarantees here, but it looks like I may be coming back to the wonderful world of online poker. Having been on hiatus from the tables for the past three months, I'm now finding that I'd like to give the game a shot once again.

In preparation for my eventual first steps back into poker, I've decided to open a Moneybookers account to help me shift my riches from site to site. Moneybookers is supported by the big online poker rooms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt, the OnGame network and Party Poker; unfortunately, Cryptologic (ie. InterPoker) does not support Moneybookers.

My bankroll sits at $1000 USD as I set out to begin anew.

My games of choice will be SNGs and short-handed NL cash games. It will take a little while to get the rust out of my game so I plan on starting back at the lower limit games. I'm guessing a few SNGs at the $5 level and a 10-20 hours at the $25 SHNL tables should do wonders for my game and let me evaluate where I stand in terms of poker skill.

I plan on playing at PokerStars, Ultimate Bet (until my cover play convinces them that I am not a money launderer), Party Poker, and NoIQPoker (iPoker Network) for the next little while, although Full Tilt Poker is definitely a consideration. I'll make my final decisions in the next few days as I continue to build up the courage to return to the felt.

In the next few days, I'll also spend some time reading the 2+2 forums, watching some poker videos, and revisiting my poker library. I hope that poker is like riding a bike in terms of getting my old, forgotten skills back.

If all goes well (ie. I make money and have fun), I suspect that poker will become my number one addiction hobby; failure means poker takes a backseat to video games for three more months.

I'll document my progress for those of you who care. I'd really like to get Klopzi's Mediocre Poker back up and running at full-tilt again. If I find some time, I'd overhaul the look and feel of the site to reflect my new feelings towards poker.

Some say poker is all about getting lucky, some say it's about skill. Wish me luck and hopefully the skill part will follow.


TripJax said...

Good luck sir...make us proud...

Klopzi said...

tripjax -


Don't know if I'll make anyone proud: it's hard enough just swallowing my pride and returning to the game I thought I'd given up for good.

Let's hope I make this stay a meaningful one.