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Sponsored By: Onlinespiele

The following is a paid advertisment for

Do you like to play free games? I'm not talking about gambling-related games: I'm talking about good, old-fashioned online video games? If so, why not visit Onlinespiele (http://www.freegames24.de/)?

Sure, the site's in German, but everything is laid out in a easy-to-follow manner. All variety of free Internet games, such as Action, Strategy, and Arcade games, are all laid out in a menu bar along the top of the screen. Simply choose the type of game you're looking to play, then click the appropriate category link.

From there, you're presented with a list of games available for play (the games are mostly English as far as I can tell). For example, visiting the Arcade page, you'll notice that the game 1945 and Snake (a game I played as a kid) are both available for immediate play. How cool is that?

So what's the catch? How much does it cost to play these games? Well, Onlinespiele's games are free! I've played a number of games so far and haven't had to play a red cent! Just some good, free fun!

I think that Onlinespiele (http://www.freegames24.de/) is a great little site! It's nice to finally get something for nothing nowadays when everything normally has some cost associated with it. And the games you play don't seem like free games: many of them are great arcade or action titles that you'd see on a compilation disk for your favourite gaming console or home PC.

I'd write more but I'm off to Onlinespiele to kill some time with some free online games!

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Sponsored By: Play89 Online Pool

The following review is a paid advertisement for Play89 Online Pool.

Have you ever dreamed of being a pool shark? No more 9-5 job, no more wasting away days and weeks sitting in traffic, and no boss telling you what to do on a daily basis? It's a nice dream; however, for many the dream of being a pool shark is just not do-able. Well, Play89 Online Pool (http://www.play89.com) is here to change that.

In the "old" days, if you wanted to make good money playing pool, you needed to:

  1. Find a number of pool halls in your local area.
  2. Find opponents who were honest and easy to beat.
  3. Work a deal with the pool hall to ensure that you could play for real money in their establishment (and get royally gouged by the pool hall's take in the process.

Well, Play89 is here to change all that. Now, it's as simple as going online and signing up. Play89 Online Pool actually provides a free download of the game, as well as a variety of tournaments and information about pool, billiards and snooker.

Try your hand at some free games and tournaments. Get good at your game of choice, be it 8-ball, snooker, or more. And when you feel ready, make a real money deposit and start playing your way to the top.

I honestly think this is a great idea. Having played a lot of online poker, it's nice to see another means of making some money present itself. Play89 Online Pool seems to have thought of everything, including a fair commission policy on all real money games.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a hankering for some pool...

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PayPal Poker and Poker PayPal

It's Friday night, you're sitting around doing nothing, and suddenly get that itch to play poker. Unfortunately, the only money you've got online is sitting in your PayPal account. Too bad, right? Not anymore! Say hello to PayPal Poker and Poker PayPal!

But wait: there aren't any PayPal poker sites! PayPal has made it known that they do not associate with any gambling sites. Well, I've just found out about two sites that list all online poker rooms that DO accept PayPal as a deposit method. If you'd like to find out which sites offer payments via PayPal, visit PayPal Poker (http://www.paypalpoker.org.uk) and Poker Paypal (http://www.pokerpaypal.co.uk).

Simply visit one (or both) of the above sites, sign-up at any of the listed poker rooms, and then fund your account with your PayPal account. It's easy to do - you'll be pulling up to the virtual felt in no time! Just like in the days before the whole UIGEA came into effect, it'll be easy to get your money in and out of online poker rooms!

This is great news for us Canadian players (and other players around the world) who choose to take advantage of the poker room lists put together by PayPal Poker and Poker PayPal. One minor note for my U.S. readers: the rooms currently listed at both PayPal Poker and Poker PayPal do NOT accept U.S. players.

The preceding post was a paid advertisement for PayPal Poker and Poker PayPal.

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Sponsored By: Cartoon Doll Emporium

The following is a paid advertisement for Cartoon Doll Emporium.

With the number of girls and young women turning on to web sites, video games, and other products traditionally viewed as male-exclusive, the commercial world is trying to play catch up. What sort of products appeal to young girls? For the creators behind Cartoon Doll Emporium (http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/webkinz.html), the answer seemed obvious: girls, particularly those in the 7 - 14 age range, like to play Dress Up Games [NOTE: link goes to site homepage].

Back in the old days, meaning as little as 10 years ago, young girls would go out to the store with their parents, pick up a few dolls, splurge on a few accessories for these dolls, then head home. Seems reasonable, right? However, once you've factored in the costs for the dolls, their outfits, the miniature handbags and other accessories, as well as the time associated with getting to the mall on an already busy Saturday afternoon, it's easy to see that a better solution needed to exist.

At Cartoon Doll Emporium, young girls have access to over 750 hand-drawn dress up dolls. But the fun doesn't stop there! Cartoon Doll Emporium, or Cartoon Doll Emporium as the kids call it, also features music, cute pictures, quizzes, games, contests, and a super-fun chat forum. Cartoon Doll Emporium is truly a one-stop site for all the online entertainment needs of young girls.

Rather than blindly promote the site, I figured I'd pop over and take a look at what CDE's site offered its visitors. First off, the site is definitely targeted towards young girls and tweens. Lots of pink, lots of colour, and lots of stuff going on! However, CDE's site is laid out very well, with a top menu sporting easy access to all of Cartoon Doll Emporium's activities and functionality.

With one click, site visitors can easily access quizzes, chat, forums, music artist bios and news (for artists such as Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne), games, and fantasy dress up scenes (e.g. a He-Man fantasy scene allowing visitors to dress up He-Man and She-ra as they pose in front of Castle Grayskull).

As for the dolls, the quality of the hand-drawn models varies from moderate to excellent, with many more of the latter. Each of the dolls available for dress up can be browsed and selected based on a number of intuitive categories:

  • Girls
  • Boys
  • Celebrities
  • Anime
  • Fashion
  • Historical
  • Video Game Characters
  • And many more...

I decided to take a shot at dressing up Master Chief from Halo fame. The dress up games play quite easily:
  1. You're presented with a doll figure for the selected character or person.
  2. You drag and drop outfits, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories from the page onto your doll figurine (or action figure in the case of Master Chief).
  3. Once completed, you can save the doll, grab the html code for display on your own site or blog (see my "doll" below), or e-mail a copy of the doll to a friend.

Finally, Cartoon Doll Emporium has been featured in the New York Times, ABC News, and the Wall Street Journal Online.

I'm sure you'll agree that the site offers a lot of content that is bound to keep your young daughters busy and socially active for many months or more.

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