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Klopzi's Console

For those of you interested, I've just created Klopzi's Console. It's a Windows Live Spaces site that maintains the Xbox 360 RSS Feeds and the lists of 360-related web sites that I visit on a daily basis.

I'll do my best to ensure that no further video game related content finds it's way onto this blog.


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The end of days...

Well, it looks like my recent bout of poker apathy foreshadowed the eventual demise of poker in my life. Poker Source Online reported this morning that Neteller will be leaving the Canadian market. And without Neteller, I'm not sure how much poker I'll be playing in the near future.

Until things play out a little, my immediate plans are to pull all of my funds out of Neteller and into my real life bank account.

What this means is that I'll be saying goodbye to cash games for a while. There's no point playing high-variance games when I'm not sure how I'll get money in and out of the "system".

Recently, I've begun to focus on SNGs and MTTs as my desire to grind out the hours has once again fallen off the map. I blame Microsoft and their excellent Xbox 360 video game console. Props also go to Capcom for making a damned fine game revolving around the killing of zombies and various psychopaths.

Anyway, I figure I'll leave about $1000 on Poker Stars and $500 on Full Tilt Poker. Both of these sites have enough traffic to support large tournaments and 24/7 SNGs at all levels. As for the rest of my bankroll, I'll use it to pay for the purchase of any new video games and consoles in the next five years, as well as pay off some recent big ticket purchases.

It's really a shame how quickly online poker has fallen from grace. The games are tougher, the games are tighter, and the whole thing has just become one big grind. I'm hoping that re-focusing on SNGs and MTTs will make poker a little more fun, but I'm not holding my breath.

In the next few days, I'll be emptying all my accounts across the Internet and consolidating my funds. I'm sure there will be a large delay in getting my money from Neteller as they begin to close up shop in Canada.

Until further notice, I'm also going to close up shop around here. If I'm not playing poker, I'm not writing about it. And although I'm sure that some of you find tournament and SNG reports fascinating, it's really not my thing. I find that online tournament discussions invariably decay into a string of bad beat stories and I've played long enough to know that bad beats are what poker's all about.

Thanks for reading!

See you at the tables? Hope so...

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Well, I'm still kicking. Honestly, I came down with a pretty bad cold last week that sidelined me from online poker, and continues to do so. Call it superstition or good bankroll management, but I don't play poker if I'm feeling under-the-weather or otherwise disinclined to pull up a seat to the virtual felt.

In my time away from the tables, I managed to finish off Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the Xbox 360. I'm pretty proud of that fact, given that it's a huge game and I have a pretty busy life. I remember finishing off large chunks of the game while my newborn son slept soundly at my side. I think he remembers those times too, as he'll now often sit quietly beside me on the couch and watch me play games, occasionally placing his hand on my arm to let me know that he's watching.

I've also taken some time recently to read some new books I received in the mail, courtesy of Poker Stars.

First, I read Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker. I didn't know that Chris Moneymaker was a degenerate gambler, although I'm not sure why that is. I guess I gave him too much credit after having won the WSOP Main Event. To be fair, Chris Moneymaker did play quite a bit of online poker prior to playing in the WSOP; however, that doesn't excuse the fact that he lost $60,000 of his father's money by losing three huge sports bets in the space of one drunken afternoon.

Speaking of gambling, I've also just finished reading Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold 'em Poker Tournaments. Going in, I thought the book would be garbage, given the title and the subject matter. As many of you know, I'm not a huge fan of NL hold'em tournaments. Still, I thought that reading a book about tournament play might be worth the time, given that tournaments still account for far more of my bankroll than any other form of poker.

Surprisingly, I thought the book was pretty good. I'm anxious to give some of the Kill Phil strategies a try in some SNGs and in some MTTs in the near future. Given that I don't have much time to grind away at the cash game tables, a couple big tournament wins could really spur me on to play a little more poker.

As it stands now, I'll continue to play a little less poker in the coming weeks. I'm going to finish off a bonus at Interpoker that I've been working towards since the beginning of the month (bonuses clear very slowly at the $50 NL 6-max tables). Other than that, I see a lot of Xbox 360 in the days to come.

Last night, I picked up four more games to add to my growing collection of Xbox 360 titles. Counting these recent additions to my gaming library, here's what I'm playing right now:

  • Dead Rising: Great game, but very tough and very large! The achievements required to earn points in this game are some of the toughest out there.

  • Project Gotham Racing 3: I'm not a huge fan of driving games, but I keep this game around for times when I've got ten minutes to kill and feel like doing it at high speeds.

  • Gears of War: Amazing game, but I stopped playing it a while back because it got too hard and poker was calling my name. Maybe I'll find the time to finish the game (at least on Casual mode) in the next month or so.

  • Top Spin 2: I played a lot of tennis growing up, so this game really appeals to me. I've almost finished off all the achievements, with the exception of the online-specific goals. I'm holding off on getting an Xbox Live Gold account until Mr. V. picks up his own Xbox 360: I'm too shy to play with strangers...

  • Fight Night Round 3: I find real-life boxing to be boring and stupid; however, I always liked the Rocky movies. This game is more like Rocky, so I like it. Plus, I get a kick out of the slow-mo replay of the knock-out punches - really good stuff.

  • Burnout Revenge: When I said earlier that I'm not a huge fan of racing games, I should clarify that statement somewhat. Although I find racing games a little dull at time, I am a huge fan of racing games that feature huge crashes and lots of explosions. Although Burnout Revenge came out just over a year ago, it is mind-bogglingly awesome!

  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter: I knew that this game got a good rating by GameSpot, so I thought I'd take a look at the game's jacket when I was at EB Games last night. The storyline of the game involves the killing of the Canadian Prime Minister, and the somewhat less-important capture of the U.S. and Mexican Presidents, by a bunch of crazy guerrillas or something. Why couldn't the Canadian Prime Minister be captured instead of killed? We Canadians are very nice people and there's no reason for something like that to happen. In any case, I had to buy the game out of national pride. Plus, the game was only $19.99 and it looked pretty...

  • Gun: I don't much care for cowboy movies; in fact, I have an irrational dislike of most horses and tumbleweeds. I did, however, like the movie Tombstone. And given Gun's "M for Mature" ESRB rating due to violence, language, mature themes, and alcohol use, I figured this game might be right up my alley. Having played and completed the first scenario in the game, I can say that I'm intrigued enough to finish the game off. And, for those of you who like the poker, there is a Texas Hold'em tournament that takes place in the game. Although this seems like a shameless add-on to the game, I'm really looking forward to putting my two years of poker study to the test!

So, if you find that I'm not posting here in the next couple weeks, please know that I am enjoying myself immensely as I rekindle my passion for video games. However, if I happen to win a few SNGs or MTTs, I'll be sure to let everyone know of my success.

Nothing makes a blog better than infrequent, arrogant posts from an immature, egotistical prick, right?

Until next time, see you at the tables, eh?

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Questionable Hands Vol. 1

Sitting down to play last night, I had every intention of playing a solid game and making correct decisions. And then, a couple of hands came along that would make or break my night.

Take a look at the following two scenarios and let me know how you would have handled playing these hands.

Scenario 1: Min-Raised on Third Street

In this first scenario, you've only been at the table for a couple rounds and have no solid reads on anyone. In the hand below, the Villain appears to be a 30/20/3 TAG (30% VP$IP, $20 pre-flop raise %, 3 aggression factor).

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (6 handed)

SB ($47)
BB (Hero) ($50)
Button (Villain) ($60)

Preflop: Hero is BB with As Ts.
Button calls $0.50, SB calls $0.25, Hero raises to $3, Button calls, SB folds.

With ATs in the big blind, you're going to make a slightly larger raise against two limpers to try to take down the pot.

Flop: ($6.50) Th 8s 4h (2 players)
Hero bets $5, Villain raise to $10, Hero ???

So, the Hero has just been min-raised by the button who limped into the pot. Answer the following questions:

  1. Would you raise/call/fold?

  2. If you wouldn't fold, what cards are you looking for on the turn? What possible actions would you take on the turn?

  3. If the 4h were the 4c, would this change your flop decision?

Scenario 2: A Pause By The River

In this next hand, you are still somewhat new to the table. You have a few reads on some of the players, but nothing solid on the Villain. Preliminary findings show him to be a 40/10/1.5 player.
PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (6 handed)

SB (Hero) ($50)
BB ($30)
Button (Villain) ($70)

Preflop: Hero is SB with Ts 9s.
Button raises to $1, Hero calls $0.75, BB calls $0.50.

Here, you call a min-raise from the button. Min-raises are pretty weak and you'll take my chances to hit a good hand in an inflated pot.

Flop: ($3) 9h 8s 3h (3 players)
Hero checks, BB checks, Villain bets $1.50, Hero raises to $4.50, BB folds, Villain calls.

You check-raise the flop here in an attempt to take the pot down quickly. You don't check-raise very often, but in this case you wanted the extra punch of a check-raise to get the Villain to give up the hand. Of course, he disappoints you by calling.

Turn: ($12) Jc (2 players)
Hero bets $5, Villain calls $5.

If you put the Villain on a flush draw or a weak hand, given his flat call on the flop, you think that firing a second bullet on the turn could pick up the pot. Once again, you're saddened to see the Villain call.

River: ($22) Js (2 players)
Hero bets $10, (Villain pauses for 30 seconds), Villain raises to $20, Hero ???

If the Villain didn't raise the turn when the Jc came down, there is very little chance that a river Js improved his hand. You throw out a bet in the hopes of getting the Villain to fold. As the seconds tick by, you start to like your chances...and suddenly, the Villain min-raises. Is this a poorly timed bluff-raise by the Villain or are you in trouble?

Another min-raise - this time on the river in a pot that has gotten pretty big - possibly too big given the Hero's hand. Answer the following questions:

  1. What would you do on the river?

  2. On what range of cards do you put the Villain?

  3. Do you think Hero has misplayed the hand? If so, where did the biggest mistake occur?

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Article By Klopzi

Well, I finally managed to write up a quick article and get it posted by the fine people at RakeTheRake.com.

The article, which you can read right here, serves as a brief introduction to me and my game. For those of you who've been following my posts for the past couple years, you'll notice that my RTR article is a brief recap of my October 2005 introductory posts.

If you're visiting from RakeTheRake, feel free to check out my original posts for yourself:


In other news, I've been enjoying my poker lately. For better or worse, I really like playing the $50 NL 6-max tables over at Interpoker and PokerStars. I'm hoping to get 15,000 hands in over the next few months, at which time I'll re-evaluate my play and see if I'm ready to take on the big boys at the $100 NL tables.

In the meantime, I plan on posting some hands here (à la Counting My Outs) on this blog in the hopes of getting some discussions going in regards to how the hands played out and my reasoning behind my game-time decisions. Hopefully, this sort of discussion will improve my game and my readers' games as well.

As I mentioned before, I have also dabbled in making some videos. I'm still not happy with the results of these videos. Both the sound quality and video quality leave something to be desired, and that's saying nothing of my incoherent ramblings or illogical play at the tables.

In addition to the postings here at Klopzi's Mediocre Poker, I'm hoping to get some more articles posted at RakeTheRake.

As an aside, if you haven't signed up with RakeTheRake, I strongly suggest you go give them a look right now. If you do find a poker room and a rakeback deal (there are none better) to your liking, please let RTR know that I recommended their site to you - my account number is RTR03302. I'll give you a 100% guarantee that you'll be happy with RTR, and I can also assure you that any compensation I get for referring you to RakeTheRake is not deducted from the rakeback you receive, in any way, shape, or form.

Anyway, here's hoping that my renewed love of the game of poker will see me posting more frequently both here and at RakeTheRake.

Until next time, I'll see you at the tables, eh?

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Have a good weekend!

Snowy Friday afternoon, time for a quick post...

  • If you're not a U.S. resident, do yourself a favour and sign up at InterPoker via RakeTheRake.com. Not only will you get to play at a great site - you'll also earn 40% rakeback. Thrown in the lifetime bonuses (monthly bonuses that are NOT deducted from your rakeback) and you have a great deal!

    If you do sign up at RakeTheRake.com, please let them know that I referred you - account number RTR03302!

  • In the next couple weeks, I will begin writing some posts for RakeTheRake.com. I guess they needed some content and I really like the people running the site, so it was an easy call on my part. We'll see if I can pick up some more traffic and affiliate sign ups.

  • So far, I'm break-even at the $50 NL 6-max tables. I've made a few good calls, a few bad calls, had some lucky rivers, and some bad turns. Given that I'm earning rakeback and bonuses, I don't the way things are going. Although my ultimate goal is to become a better poker player, it's always nice to watch the bankroll grow.

  • Finally ordered some stuff from the PokerStars FPP store. I picked up the Chris Moneymaker book and the Kill Phil NL tournament strategy book. I'm pretty sure neither is all that great, but they were free and I was too impatient to collect any more points before getting something.

  • Plans for the weekend include time with the family, an evening out, an evening in, and some poker at InterPoker, Full Tilt and PokerStars.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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