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Weekend plans and other nonsense

I took the night off from poker last night. Although my play has not been complete sh*t lately, I thought it best to nip any bad feelings in the bud and stay away from the tables. No point playing if your heart's not in it - that's a good way to eat through the old bankroll. But after last night, I'm rested and ready to play.

First off, my wife and I went out shopping right after work last night. I traded in Shadow of the Colussus for Destroy All Humans. The new game seems alright, but I suspect there is very little replay value and the game may get tedious over time. Still, the main character Crypto, a four-foot tall alien, sounds like Jack Nicholson. So it's got that going for it...

So, what's going on this weekend?

First, tonight is Marlborough's birthday, so we're going out. Unfortunately, it looks like I've been stuck with the short end of the stick and will be the designated driver. It should be fun though - going out for dinner and drinks.

Although there won't be any poker tonight at the party, I'm sure I'll get an hour in while on my exercise bike after work. The one thing I hate about clearing deposit bonuses is that sense of urgency you feel until the damned thing is finished. Oh River Belle, why do you need 7x raked hands when 5x raked hands would've been so much easier...? Anyway, I'll play squeaky tight tonight and just try to pick up some big hands.

Tomorrow, lots of poker will be played. I'll spend the afternoon playing the $20 NL tables at River Belle and I've got the affiliates freeroll at Party Poker tomorrow night. It's a $2,500 freeroll and, as of this morning, only 77 people were registered. I'm sure that number will be up to 5,000 by tomorrow night.

I will also see about playing a $30 SNG at PokerStars this weekend, if I get the chance. However, my priority right now is the River Belle deposit bonus.

As you can see, not much to say today. It's kind of hard to write a poker blog when you're not playing poker.

With that, I hope everyone has a great weekend at the tables and otherwise. I'll be back on Monday with stories of my glorious victories or of my crushing defeats - I'm hoping for the former myself. And if you're the type who can't wait, I always update my numbers in the sidebar on a daily basis. I'll admit it - I'm a numbers whore and I love to see my bankroll and completion percentages go up and down.

Ok, I'm outta here...

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