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Wastin' Time

I'm leaving work shortly and I'm having trouble getting my head in the game. That means it's time for some search engine fun. So let's find out how some unfortunate readers have stumbled upon my little spot on the Internet...

pokerroom doom switch
Ah yes...the fabled Doom Switch. Does it exist? Good players say no, bad players say yes. I'd say that it does indeed exist, although it takes some work getting it switched on for your account. If you'd like your doom switch activated, do any or all of the following:

  1. Limp pre-flop with AA and KK. Online poker rooms hate it when you do that and will punish you accordingly by letting other players hit their flushes, straights, and dinky two pairs. Sure, you could've won the hand had you raised, but we're trying to flip the doom switch here.

  2. Play any Ax hand from any position. Are they s00ted? Who cares! This is poker and it's all about luck. Are you pissed that your A3o lost to another player's AJ? Don't worry, it's just the doom switch!

  3. Call all in pre-flop with your 77 when the UTG player limp re-raises all-in with his rockets. Geez, he's got aces? Doom switch!

  4. Play any two s00ted cards from any position, but don't forget to raise pre-flop with your suited connectors. And make sure you raise large enough to get the pot heads-up. Suited connectors do much better in heads-up pots than they do in large multiway pots that give correct odds for drawing hands. Did you hit top pair with your 7h5h? Push all-in! Did you get called by your opponents A7? Doom switch!

  5. Lastly, always make sure to min-raise whenever you get the chance. The doom switch will usually get turned on when you give others odds to draw out on you. It's unfair but that's the way online poker rooms like it...
[If you believe agree with any of this, you shouldn't should be playing online poker as much as possible!]

PokerAce HUD registration code
Click here and buy one. It's only $25 you cheap bastards! This software has made me over $1000 and counting. Dear Lord! Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money, get it?

matt maroon
Matt Maroon is one of the better online players around, in my opinion. He makes "mad" cash, likes good food, makes fun of bad players, and he wrote a great book that I recommend whole-heartedly. He also linked to me on his site without a word from me so that buys him a bunch of points in my book too!

$5 sngs itm %
Are you trying to determine if your in-the-money percentage is good or bad at your given SNG buy-in level? If your ITM % is 30% or more, you're doing fine. However, make sure that you're ROI is solid as well.

For example, you could have an ITM % of 30% by placing in third place 3 out of 10 times. However, your ROI in this case would be -45%.

My sugestion: aim for an ITM of 30% and an ROI of 15% or more. If you find your numbers well above these levels, move up to the next buy-in level. If you find yourself well below these numbers, take a step down to a lower SNG buy-in level and work on your game. It'll come together eventually - just give it time.

"don't feed the animals" sign
I love it when people find themselves at my site searching for non-poker-related material. Here's the post that brought you here in this case.

Sorry for misleading you...why not sign up for one of my affiliates and drown your sorrows in some good old fashioned online poker?

uber tilt
This is otherwise known as "Saturday Afternoons" at my place...

2.5k affiliate freeroll party poker
Ahh yes...the $2.5K Affiliate Freeroll. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I'd signed up for this tournament that I discovered that Party Poker had left out one very important word - Qualifier.

This MTT was ok, except for the lack of prize pool information and quality opposition. Ok, I'm still bitter at getting rivered by a two-outer...

pokerstars sng
Do you mean PokerStars SNG? Click on my affiliate link and start playing - they're fun!

affiliate "river belle" rakeback
I don't know of any current River Belle Poker rakeback deals. Rake The Rake (referral code RTR03302) used to have a rakeback deal for them, but not anymore. So why not sign up using my affiliate link? Ask some of my satisfied customers: my links come with some extra luck packed right in.

And, for a limited time only, I'll throw in a free ad for your site if you sign up with any of my wonderful affiliates!


Ok, enough Google search fun...back to work!

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