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TPTK, Rivers, and Sly Cooper

After the big night last Thursday when I almost tripled my buy-in at the NL tables, I went into the weekend brimming with confidence. However, I didn't really feel that desperate urge to hit the tables. I tend to get that feeling after a big loss or a big win. When you lose big, you just can't see yourself ever winning again. And when you win big, you figure it's unlikely for you to have as big a night so soon afterwards.

With that in mind, I thought that it'd be nice to take ease up on the poker a little and play some PS2 instead. I really should've gone with my gut on this one...

When I left work on Friday, I first set out to Microplay and EB Games. I was looking for a used copy of Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves.

I thought that if I could pick up the game, I'd be able to relax and just enjoy the weekend spending some mind-numbing time on the PS2.

Well, I after an hour-long search, my efforts came up empty. I picked up dinner for my wife and I and set off for home. After dinner, I considered cracking open my copy of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando but instead, I decided to play a little poker.

I fire up my laptop and I check my e-mail. There's a message from Rake the Rake (referral account RTR03302) letting me know that Doyle's Room (and the entire Tribeca network) is going to stop offering rakeback deals as of midnight. Being the greedy bugger that I am, I couldn't stand the thought of never, ever getting rakeback on a specific poker network. Even though I'd never played on the Tribeca network (and probably wouldn't at any point in the future), I decided that I had to get my rakeback set up ASAP.

Ten minutes later, I'm signed up at Doyle's Room and I'd deposited $100 into my account. Having never seen Doyle's Room before, I decide to sign up for a $5 SNG. Long story short, I'm out in 5th when I push pre-flop with 88 and get called by AK (K hits on the flop, etc...).

The best thing that I could've done at this point was to just shut down the laptop and move on. But no - I've got to make my $5 back so I hit Interpoker.

As is usually the case on the weekends, the $25 NL tables are a fish pond. I didn't realize it at the time but I was on the menu that night. Within 20 minutes of sitting down, I'd lost a buy-in when my AK ran into A5. Flop came A 7 5. SB bet out, I raised, he pushed and I called being pot-committed. I missed all my outs and shut down the laptop in disgust.

The rest of the evening was spent playing Shadow of the Colussus and Ratchet & Clank. By about midnight, my tilt levels were returning to normal.

Late Saturday morning, I felt ready to play a bit more poker. I returned to the scene of the crime and sat at two $25 NL tables at Interpoker.

Within the first 20 minutes, I'm down about $10 when my AK runs into KK on a flop of K x x. Stupid cold deck. I didn't feel bad about that play so I kept playing. Over the next few hours, I found myself up about $13. I also managed to clear a good chunk of my reload bonus so I called it quits for the day.

Actually, I played another SNG at PokerStars and went out in sixth.

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing with my wife and playing Ratchet & Clank.

Sunday morning, my wife and I are up and off to church. We spend most of the afternoon at my in-laws before heading back into town. On our way home, I suggest to my wife that we visit a nearby mall so that I can check out the EB Games for Sly Cooper 3.

Luckily for me and my bankroll, EB Games had a previously played copy of the game in stock. After I traded in a game that I've been trying to dump (Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - a little boring, a little long, and awkwardly "sexual" for lack of a better term), the game only cost $17.

After a little more time spent shopping, grocery and otherwise, my wife and I finally made it home. I spent the rest of the evening playing PS2, watching the 2005 WSOP Main Event, and playing one $5 SNG at PokerStars.

After having not played poker since Saturday afternoon, my game felt much better. I actually took 2nd in the sit n' go and I could've taken first had the Poker Gods not decided to screw me over a little.

Two cases in point. Heads-up and I pick up AA. Flop comes Q J 2, I induce the all-in from my opponent. He shows J7o. When the river comes down a 7, giving my opponent two pair, I can only imagine his excitement at being the luckiest fish alive.

Ten minutes later, it's all over. I'd managed to climb myself back up to respectability and I picked up 88 on the button. I raised and my opponent called. Flop came 6 T T and my opponent pushed. At this point, I had a good feel for my opponent and knew that I had him so I called the all-in. My opponent showed a 64o and was drawing dead to runner-runner or to one of the two 6's remaining in the deck.

Of course, the river was a 6 and I took second. I'm glad that I force myself to believe that poker is all about the so-called "long run" because it's f*cking hard to believe in anything after those two hands.

All in all, the weekend was great! Got to relax with my wife, got to play some PS2, and I managed to come out $1 ahead in terms of my bankroll after factoring in my rakeback and bonuses.

Plans for tonight? My wife, MrVercetti and I will be watching The Apprentice, and I should get some poker and PS2 in the mix as well. It's nice to have a wife that understands the addictive personality of her husband and allows him to play more poker and videogames than is considered healthy at times.

But I do get her flowers and I do the dishes, so it kinda balances out in the end...


masterp said...

Heres a site that offers rakeback I signed up at battlefield. Im earning like 900 dollers a month back in poker rakeback.

Klopzi said...

You must be playing a lot more than I do and at higher stakes. The most I've ever earned in rakeback in one month was $18. I had to play 100 hours just to get that...