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Running Cold

The weekend started off so well...Birthday bash for my friend Marlborough. Had a nice meal, had a few drinks, played some PS2, and I even let Marlborough play a SNG for me at Absolute Poker.

Even after many drinks, Marl managed to pull off a win despite limping on the button with AA and checking the absolute nuts twice on the river! He claims that his unorthodox style works. I claim that the 12 beers he'd had somehow made the check and bet buttons look the same.

Anyway, had it not been for the SNG win on Friday, my bankroll would be in a much sorrier state after this past weekend. I managed to get about 8 hours of $20 NL played this weekend at River Belle Poker. In that time, I earned just over 200 raked hands towards my bonus. Unfortunately, I also managed to drop a little over a buy-in.

It seems that all the good luck that I've been having lately came to a crashing halt this weekend. Unfortunately, it also happened at the worst possible time.

All weekend long, each of my tables had one or two maniacs. These guys and gals would raise to 12x BB pre-flop every hand and push on the flop more often than not. Against these types of players, you really need to catch a hand and run with it. I was not catching hands...

Ironically, the few times that I did pick up big pairs pre-flop, everyone would fold to my 3x or 4x BB raise. If they did call, they had a higher pocket pair. I ran into cowboys twice this weekend: once with my Hiltons and once with my Jacks. Both hands, the flop, turn and river came all low cards giving me reason to believe that I was well ahead. If not for my spidey-sense, I could've really gone broke!

All in all, my time spent at River Belle was more frustrating than fun. The silver lining in this case is the fact that during my loss of $26.20 at the NL tables, I managed to earn $31 in bonus. I'm only 255 raked hands away from receiving my full $125 bonus and I can't wait. This bonus seems to be taking forever to clear.

Other than my NL play, I also played in a free affiliates MTT at Party Poker. However, I had a few problems with the tournament set-up.

First off, it ended up being a $2.5K Qualifier freeroll. WTF?! Since when does a prize pool of $2.5K deserve a qualifier? Most poker players out there wipe their asses with $2.5K.

Secondly, once the MTT was underway, there was no prize pool information listed. I called the support line and they were unable to give me any tournament information. They told me to call them once I'd busted out of the tournament and they'd be able to tell me how much I'd won. I'll tell you, it's very hard to play your "A" game when you have no idea what you're playing for.

My third issue was with the donkey who called my all-in bet with the flop showing J J T. I had AA, he had 88, and the river gave him the boat. That, my friends, is why I hate MTTs. I spent almost two hours dodging land mines and punishing others for their weak play. And then, in an instant, BOOM! I'm gone! I finished in 56/194. Not a bad showing for my first MTT in the last three or four months.

Although I was a little pissed at having wasted two hours, I couldn't feel all that bad. As far as I know, I was nowhere near the bubble. And even if I was, I have no idea how much money was at stake.

Now, some positives for the weekend!

  1. My game has been pretty good despite the dismal bankroll returns.

  2. Iamhoff won a 18-person $25 + $2 Turbo SNG! Congrats!

  3. Humanaut tripled his bankroll at InterPoker over the weekend! See, good things happen when you sign up using my affiliate code...it also helps when you're a good player, though.

  4. Drewspop's son made a good showing at the little league tryout on Saturday and should be ranked highly in this Thursday's draft!

As you can see, it's all good.

Well, I've got to go. I'm leaving work early yet again for a doctor's appointment. Seems that my body is breaking down and I need to see about getting it fixed. Let's hope I just need a tune-up and not an overhaul.

Have a great week everyone! See you at the tables.


drewspop said...

Well, not a great weekend, but you know you are playing well so it will turn around for you.

Thanks for the plug on my kid's day too. It is so fun to watch them grow and succeed.

Keep up the good work.

Klopzi said...

I hope I'm playing well. When you're losing, you can sometimes question your game.