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Patience pays off

If you've been a regular reader of this site (I prefer that word to blog, I think), you'll know that I approach poker very methodically. I very rarely get urges to gamble it up, I never ever play beyond my bankroll, and I trust in the maxim "What goes around comes around". Well, last night, it came around...

I've been playing the $25 NL ring games at Interpoker and Eurobet for about 4 weeks now. There have been good days where I've netted $5 or $10 profits and bad days where I've dropped buy-ins within the first 30 minutes of sitting down.

Last night, the stars aligned...It only took four hands to almost triple my buy-in in the space of an hour.

AA vs. T9s: Flop comes down A T 9 and I stack my opponent.

QQ vs. ??: Flop comes down A K Q. I grossly overbet the pot on the turn and my opponent folds.

KK vs. KT: This hand immediately follows the QQ hand above and I end up playing against the same opponent. This time, I grossly overbet the pot on the flop and get my opponent to tie himself to the pot when he picks up middle pair. The rest of the money goes in on the turn and my opponent is stacked.

44 vs. K8: When the flop comes down 8 4 3, an opponent decides to push all-in. It's an easy call with my set and it's another pot for me.

After the hour, I was up about $70. I don't pretend to think that I can have a night like this every time I sit down. I think all NL games have the potential to deliver huge swings in your stack size. Whether or not these swings are positive or negative is beyond your control. Basically, play your cards, put your money in when you think you have the best of it, and hope for the best.

Once I'd finished at Interpoker, I popped over to Absolute Poker to play a $6 SNG. It seems that Absolute Poker decided to deposit an extra $5 into my account for no reason (they do love giving me free money for some reason), so I decided to put it to good use. Even though their server crashed early in the first level of the SNG, I'd already managed to double my stack with a timely AA.

When we came back from the crash, the blinds were already at 75/150 and we were playing the late stages of the SNG. Even though there were still 7 out of the original 9 players remaining, most players had to resort to the all-in or fold game.

I managed to build up a healthy lead, holding about 50% of all the chips with 5 of us remaining. As is usual though, the small stacks kept winning coin flips against me when they'd push all-in.

When we finally made the money, I was sitting in second place and the chip leader had about 70% of all the chips in play. He caught a string of half-decent cards and managed to bust out the 5th and 4th place finishers. I wish I could win coin flips...

Three-way play only lasted a few minutes: it all ended on one hand.

Button (chip leader) raises to T1000 (blinds at 300/600). I push all in for my last T2200 with A7s in the SB. BB pushes all in for his last T840.

With the pot sitting at about T4000, it's an easy call for the button to throw in the additional T1200 to see the flop. The button shows KT and the BB shows K6. I'm actually in pretty good shape here and could end up in a good position for heads up play if I win the pot.

And then the flop comes down with a 6. Ok, so I need an A or a 7 to hit to take the pot.

Turn is a T. Ok, now I need an A on the river to win.

River is a blank and it's all over.

Despite some bad luck, bad cards, and probably some bad play in the late stages of the SNG, I managed to pick up 2nd place and $16.20 for my efforts.

Now that I've got some money at Absolute, I may try playing in a few MTTs. I've had some good luck at Absolute and I'm eager to see if history can repeat itself. If I could make the final table (or win) just one MTT, March could end up being a very decent month.

So it was a pretty good night for me. The NL tables at Interpoker have been treating me well and I hope that continues. Drewspop and Huma have also found some success at those very same NL tables...and maybe you could too! Sign up now!

Ok, that's enough bragging and pimping for now. I'm may work on a post about the things I've learned so far at the NL tables. Probably won't be all that informative or thought provoking (it will probably be boring and filled with painfully obvious insight), but it'll give you something to read while killing off the remaining hours of your work week.


drewspop said...

Good job K. Keep it rolling through the weekend. This might be the big wave. You never know.

See you at the tables.

Klopzi said...

Thanks drew.

Big wave, small wave - I'll ride 'em both. I'm about 50% towards clearing my bonus and with the extra money last night, things are going ok.

Good luck with FT - let me know how quickly you find you bonus clearing there and the games you're playing. I'd like to know when I should attempt to clear the 100% first time deposit bonus there.