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NL Cash Games

Ok, so I've spent less than 2 months playing NL ring games. In fact, you can probably discount most of my first month's experience since it was spent at TigerGaming's $5 NL tables. At those tables, you might as well push with any two cards since that's what everyone else is doing.

Regardless, this is my site and we play by my rules. So pull up a chair and bask in the great amounts of knowledge that I've gathered over the course of my 58 sessions of NL ring game play...

  • Play tight.

  • If everyone at your table is playing loose, play even tighter.

  • A limp re-raise by an opponent always means they're holding KK or AA.

  • If you're holding KK and an opponent limp re-raises you, he's holding rockets.

  • Pocket pairs are your friend from any position.

  • The 5/10 rule is good but that doesn't apply to calling an UTG raise with your 68s on the button.

  • AK will only hit the flop when you're not expecting it.

  • When AK hits the flop, you'll either pick up the pot with a good-sized flop bet or be put to the test for all your chips by the guy who just hit bottom set on you.

  • Your first instinct is usually right...unless you think you're actually ahead when a guy re-raises you on the turn after calling your big flop bet.

  • AA and KK are great hands pre-flop - limping with these hands pre-flop is suicide.

  • Getting all your money in pre-flop is a lot different than getting it all in on the turn - don't complain about bad beats when you discover your overpair has been destroyed by a middle set.

  • If a tight player raises pre-flop but checks the flop when an ace hits, you should bet because he or she probably has QQ.

  • If you stack someone and everyone thinks you got lucky (as opposed to having correctly played your hand based on pot odds and implied odds), you should always let the other players know that "Any two cards can win".

  • Never tap the glass!

  • If you get sucked out on by a fishy player, tag him since you'll be wanting your money back at some point - don't forget to charge interest.

  • Don't bluff...ever.

  • If a player raises you, you're usually behind unless your hand is well-disguised...or a monster...or both.

  • Your opponents will constantly overvalue TPTK - show them the error of their ways.

  • Don't under-estimate the power of TPTK on the flop - just don't be stupid about it.

  • Overpairs are great on the flop but crap on the river.

  • If you're going to bet, make it count.

  • If you're going to raise, go big or go home.

  • Anyone who says that they're a winning player in the chat window is lying and should be tagged.

  • If you're in a pot with a player who's been recently pushed off a hand by a big bet, fast-play your big hand and relieve your opponent of his stack.

  • Unless you're willing to gamble, stay away from tables seating one or two maniacs.

  • You are not pot-committed after limping into the pot. If there is a raise, don't be afraid to let your AJs go.

  • Calling a raise pre-flop does not entitle you to anything in return - if you miss the flop, simply drop your hand and move on.

  • If you find yourself getting p0wned by river suckouts, you're playing good aggressive poker.

  • If you find yourself p0wning others with your river suckouts, please put "Klopzi" on your buddy list.

  • If you're constantly calculating outs, you're playing too many weak hands.

  • If you're not willing to push with your hand, you shouldn't be calling bets with it either.

  • If you don't buy-in for the maximum, get used to losing money.

  • The "FOLD" button is the biggest money maker in online poker.

  • The "RAISE" button is the second biggest money maker in online poker.

  • If you min-raise, you should not be playing NL ring games.

  • If you call pot sized bets without the nuts, you should not be playing NL ring games.

  • If you call my pot-sized bets without the nuts, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you.

  • When in doubt about an opponent, assume that they are betting their good hands and folding their bad hands - I just saved you a couple buy-ins right there.

  • Always muck your uncalled hands - never give out free information.

  • Table image is everything.

  • You will learn more about how to play NL cash games from Kenny Rogers than you will from a WPT broadcast.

  • Giving out free NL cash game advice is never a good idea...unless you play bad enough to make most of information worthless.

Ok, TGIF, make money, poker, sign up with my affiliates, etc...


By the way, check out this site: Is Online Poker Safe?. They review and anyalyze the various conspiracy theories surrounding the issue of online poker being rigged. Other cool stuff too...


Alan said...

That's a nice list.

Klopzi said...

Thank you.

But now that I've given away all my secrets, I'll have to move onto pot-limit Omaha Hi/Lo...