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Kick to the Brunsons Ends Hot Streak

I have a few simple rules that I do my best to follow when it comes to playing poker. I'm not sure if these rules save me money, but I know that I've lost money each time any or all of them have been broken.

These are the conditions that must be met prior to me firing up the laptop and playing any poker:

  1. Nothing stressful or untowards has happened over the course of the day.

  2. I'm not overly tired.

  3. If it's a weeknight, play should never start any later than 9 pm. I can play for 10 hours if I want, but I should start early in the evening.

  4. Unless it's a weekend afternoon, SNGs shall not be played until I have spent at least 30 minutes sitting in a ring game.

Last night, I broke all the rules! After a long, long day at work, my wife and I went to the bank to inquire about mortgages. By the time I got a chance to fire up the laptop, it was 10 o'clock and I was tired.

It'd been a couple nights since I'd last played though, so I really wanted to play. I thought I'd just sit in for a quick SNG at Doyle's Room.

As is usually the case when I break my rules, my head just wasn't in the game. I'll admit that I was card dead the entire SNG. I mean really card dead. I think I picked up J6 (suited or not, it's crap) every third hand. Q3o became my new best friend.

My best hand was a 99 that I picked up in level 5 or 6 when my M was a measly 3. I pushed and everyone folded. Even though I'd pushed on the previous hand as well, everyone decided to give me respect.

I finally donked out when I pushed UTG with a 86s and got called by two players. The chip leader managed to hit trip queens and I was out. The thing I find hilarious is that I can push with a 99 and get no callers. Then, when I push again ten minutes later with an 86s, every wants a piece of Klopzi.

One last thing: the chip leader slow-rolled me on that hand. After the flop, the chip leader typed in "good luk clop" before betting and making this a heads-up contest. First, I hate it when people say something to the effect of "You're F*cked!" before betting or calling or whatever. Secondly, why the hell did he call me "clop"? Was his/her "K" key broken? Stupid...

So that's my big write up for today. I wish I could say something a little more exciting but the last couple days have been a busy son-of-a-bitch!

I do have some fun plans for the weekend.

Tonight: St. Patty's Day party at my place. Booze and possibly poker if I can convince enough people to play. Unfortunately, MrV is the only friend I have who stills plays poker so the chances of an impromptu SNG are pretty slim.

Tomorrow: I'm hoping to put in a good chunk of time at the River Belle $20 NL tables. I have about 700 raked hands to earn in less than two weeks. I figure it'll take me 14 hours to finish that puppy off.

And with that, let me wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy the green beer, enjoy the poker, and enjoy the weekend!

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