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The Hunt for a Deposit Bonus

I got home last night, spent some time on the exercise bike, had dinner with my wife, watched an episode of 24, did the dishes, and then accompanied my wife to our storage locker to put some stuff away. By 8:30, I was all set to play some poker and fired up the laptop.

I always check my e-mail before doing anything. I immediately noticed a comment from Huma letting me know that Rake The Rake (referral code RTR03302) had a deal with AceFlush Poker for 35% rakeback.

So I pissed around for a half-hour before I realized that AceFlush Poker is actually RakeBack Poker and I've already got an account with them. After uninstalling my software and re-installing, it was 9 o'clock and I still hadn't played any poker.

Then I got to thinking about the show Poker Night Live. It's a Canadian show on CGTV (our very own gambling channel) that airs every day at 11 PM. This show follows online SNG and cash game play at certain poker rooms. One of these rooms is River Belle Poker.

I couldn't find a single rakeback deal for River Belle Poker, so I visited Bonus Whores to figure out if there were any good deposit bonuses available. Even though I get rakeback at AceFlush, I wasn't about to overlook easy money.

Anyway, River Belle Poker had a good deal: 50% deposit bonus up to $100 with an extra $25 thrown in if you make your deposit with Neteller, Firepay, or any other Internet wallet.

While playing the $25 NL tables at Interpoker, I got signed up to play at River Belle Poker. At this point, I found out that I already had an account there. I'm hoping this doesn't affect the state of my deposit bonus - the "small print" for clearing bonuses at the site suggest that I may not have been eligible for the bonus since I opened my account more than 30 days ago. Time will tell, I guess.

By the end of the night, I'd played about 40 minutes at Interpoker's $25 NL tables and one hour at River Belle's $20 NL table (which I'll count as part of my $250 NL challenge). Unfortunately, I ended up down about $8 on the night due to two bad hands on my part.

In one hand, I raised PF with an AKs and got two callers. A non-scary flop came down and I check-raised a guy. He ended up all-in on the flop (he was short-stacked) and showed me the flopped full house. Bad read on my part.

I was down about $6.75 after that hand. No biggie. I made it all back in the next 20 minutes by stealing pot after pot. I noted a couple differences in play at the Prima tables vs. the Cryptologic tables.

  1. Prima players loved to bluff on the river. They'd bet with nothing, they'd bet with bottom pair, they'd bet at it with any two cards.

  2. Prima players like to min-raise pre-flop but will usually fold to every other raise. If you make a raise to 4xBB or more, any cold-callers could be holding real monsters!

Knowing that the players at the table like to bluff the river really hurt me on another hand. I dropped about $15 when I misplayed a baby flush and let a pre-flop raiser catch his boat on the river. Yep, I got destroyed by two full houses last night. Although I did flop quad 2's earlier in the evening, so I can't complain.

I'll have to make sure to get back into my groove before it costs me too much money. I just played a little too loosely on a couple hands last night. I was card dead for most of my time at River Belle and I overplayed my good hands when I got them. That's not too hard a leak to fix - I'll see how it goes tonight.

That's it for today. Lots of work to do. I will be playing tonight at PokerStars and Interpoker. I may also hit River Belle once I get confirmation that my deposit bonus has been successfully registered: I'm not playing anywhere without an overlay.

Have a great weekend everyone! Good luck at the tables!


drewspop said...

You'll get it back with interest tonight, no doubt.

Did you see the deposit bonus (only 20% but still) at Stars going on until Monday? I scooped some last night.

Klopzi said...

Drew - I did see the bonus. How easy/hard is it to clear? Could I clear it playing $25 NL?

drewspop said...

You can surely clear it playing $25 NL. Not sure how long you get to do it though. I didn't even play an hour and earned like 6 FPPs. I need 100 total to clear the bonus.

Klopzi said...

Cool - I'll take a look. I'm always up for free money.