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Humanaut: The Terra' From Canberra...err, Melbourne

Humanaut, one the 'Net's up and coming poker bloggers, has finally decided to belly up to the bar and take his bankroll to the next step. What did he do? He signed up for an account at Interpoker aka The Land of Never-Ending Bonuses.

That's right! It's a new day, a new month, and a new blogger has decided to answer the call of my many affiliate codes.

Humanaut's Boring Poker Blog
is all about one Australian's struggles with the shark-infested waters that are online poker. In a wise move, Huma (for short) has set reasonable goals, carefully working his way up the limits. However, Huma does seem to have a bit of gamble in him since he frequently plays the NL tournament at his local B&M card room on Sundays.

Starting with 0.10/0.20 ring games, Huma has diligently put in his time at the tables and shown some pretty good results. Lately, Huma seems to blame me for a little bout of SNG tilt but he's wisely decided to keep at it and not give up. In all honesty, I think SNGs only exist to put players on tilt (that's right - I was out in fifth again last night in a ill-fated SNG at PokerStars).

So look for Humanaut over at Interpoker - he'll be the one raking in the bonus money hand over fist.

And don't forget to check out his blog: it's worth a look just to see the determination it takes to move beyond micro-limit poker and make it as an online poker player.


By the way, I played some $25 NL at Interpoker last night and finished up $5.42. And as mentioned earlier, I played a $5 SNG at PokerStars and donked out in fifth.

It's nice to start the new month with a nice losing day. It's only 8 cents but every penny counts...Now I'm on SNG tilt...


OneTrueRock said...


I have been thinking about loading up a European site for play during the morning and day on the east cost of the US. I have considered Interpoker, with a rakeback and bonus deal.

Are there better european sites out there?

I was also turned off by the raked requirements. As I understand it you must put at least one bet in a pot of at least 20$ to be one raked hand. I usually play 1/2 limit for bonus chasing, and that doesn't seem worth since the pots don't usually get that big.

I also really like stud, how are the games there?

Finally, are the bonuses all or nothing? Or do they release in increments?



Keep up the great work

Klopzi said...

Hey Rock,

I'd recommend Interpoker or Eurobet myself if you're interested in rakeback.

Although the bonuses seem tough to clear on Interpoker, they're not that bad. You can easily clear $100 bonus in about 18 hours of multi-tabling. And the 1/2 tables are usually full during Europe prime-time hours.

The bonuses at Eurobet (Poker Network) are a little tougher to clear at low limits but there are a few more players.

I believe the bonuses at both these sites clear in all-or-nothing fashion.

You can also try places like William-Hill Poker if you really want that European flavour, but I don't see that site as a significant improvement on the other two.

If you do happen to sign up for rakeback with one of those sites, might I recommend Rake The Rake for all your needs. And if you could let them know that RTR account #RTR03302 referred when you do sign up, we both get a nice little bonus.

Let me know if I can be any more help.

Klopzi said...


Forgot to comment on the stud games. I haven't checked them out, but I believe the stud traffic is low unless you're willing to really gamble at the higher stakes.

Interpoker is affiliated with Intercasino. Most casino players don't like to play small stakes anything and are willing to really gamble it up at times. Interpoker can be good for higher stakes games when you're ready.

Plus, there's going to be a huge freeroll for WSOP seats in the next few months.

huma said...

Wowsers, talk about pimpage! Thanks.

I'm recovering from my SNG tilt somewhat. I've actually made a little profit playing the $25NL tables at Interpoker and have cleared about 8% of my bonus so far, which is pretty good for two sessions. I even entered one of the $5+1 sng's and came second.

I'm liking the site so far but on my laptop it gets a little clunky at times. Not sure if it's the software or my PC. The players seem to be a little worse on average than Stars players (but the same could probably be said about any poker site). Playing tight is working out pretty well for me.

Full report of the last couple days play on my boring poker blog tomorrow!

Also, thinking about hitting up the tiny Canberra Casino tonight as a taxi driver just told me they have a few poker tables. I'm really shocked, it's a very small casino. As canberra is the capital city of Oz, on any given night at the casino you're bound to see a politician or some big famous business dude at the tables betting $500 on a single roulette spot - I'd sure love to take their money in an NL game.

Or maybe I'd be better off saving my $100-200 to deposit via another one of klopzi's affiliate links ;)

Klopzi said...


You're welcome for the pimpage - you earned it. And hopefully it'll pay off with a few more hits for your site.

More importantly, glad to see that Interpoker is working out so far. I'm of the "a small win is still a win" school and have found that the tight strategy really pays of at Interpoker.

You may catch a bad string of cards or luck, but it'll pay out in the end. Check out my post from today and you'll see that Interpoker is a pretty good site for NL ring games.

If you end up at the casino in Canberra, have fun and makes lots of money.

And if you have any left over, feel free to sign up with any of my other affiliates or with Rake The Rake (referral account RTR03302).

Yep, I'm shameless but have everyone's best interests at heart!