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The Answer Is...No!

Am I going to the WSOP? Nope. Well, I shouldn't say no so soon. But it appears that I won't be playing in one of the numerous WSOP freerolls being offered by Interpoker.

When I checked out Interpoker's web site last night, I was horrified to find that my name had been bumped out of its position on the Hot Spot ladder - so no WSOP freeroll for me. And no other prizes either. I guess I'll just have to content myself with the money I've been winning at the tables. Life's rough...

Unfortunately, I didn't play any poker yesterday either. Help me - I'm a poker blogger wannabe and that's even more pathetic than being a poker blogger in the first place.

Actually, work kicked my ass yesterday. And after kicking my ass for a full eight hour day, it was determined that I could take at least another three hours of assorted work miseries. When I finally got home last night, I was too tired to play any poker.

However, I am playing tonight. No PS2 tonight, just poker. Sly 3 will have to wait because I've got some business to take care of. Poker business.

I'm going to leave the $10 SNG at PokerStars until tomorrow night. My wife is having a "candle party" at our place and I've decided to head over to MrVercetti's. Sure, I could stay at the apartment and play poker in the bedroom, but I think that all the "candle party" excitement in the other room could be distracting. Also, I've had a good string of SNG luck at MrV's place lately.

By the way, the "candle party" is a party where women buy candles and candle accessories. I realize that by putting apostrophes around the words "candle party", it may appear that I'm actually referring to a "sex toy party" or a "dirty fireman party"; well, I'm not. I have now got my list of differences between men and women up to three major points:

  1. Penis vs. Vagina

  2. Toys vs. Shoes

  3. Beer and Poker vs. Candle Party
Girls are weird...

Anyway, back to poker...

So, I'll be playing poker tonight at Interpoker and I may even give a Prima site a shot for some NL. I actually want to sign-up somewhere that has a juicy sign-up bonus. That way, I can play at Interpoker while the games are good and work off my bonus there. And if the games dry up, I can jump over to the Prima site and work off another bonus.

By the way, for those of you who don't play any Prima sites: their bonuses are, hands-down, the easiest to clear for a small stakes blonkey such as myself. Any hand that generates a rake of 25c or more (pot >= $5) counts as a raked hand. And at 5 or 10 raked hands per dollar of bonus, the money comes pretty fast and furious.

So that's it for now. I'm looking forward to the poker this evening - it's been almost a week since I sat in a cash game.

Ok, gotta get to work. Work is all set for another day of ass-kicking and I just heard it ask someone where it could find me.


Quitting time! Finally - damn, it was a long day! Time to get home, hit the grocery store, exercise bike, dinner, repack the storage closet, and then...poker! It'll be good to be back in action again.

Have a great night everyone!


huma said...

That candle party sounds like a real rager. Man, if anyone ever tells you they remember a candle party, THEY WEREN'T THERE.

Get yourself signed up at a Prima skin and figure out an affiliate deal, and I'll sign up under it when I've finished clearing the interpoker bonus.

Raketherake has a 35% deal for a prima skin: http://www.raketherake.com/PokerRakeback.html

Klopzi said...


I signed up at RiverBelle poker last night - 50% deposit bonus up to $100, and an extra $25 for using Neteller.

I was just playing the $20 NL tables, but there are tons of short-handed tables.

You can give it a shot if you like - I know that you'd like the 6-max tables (at least 15 of them running when I looked, and that was only at the $20 tables).

As for the 35% deal, I'm already signed up. Aceflush poker used to be called Rakeback poker...