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Who wants money?

The answer is me, of course. But I do like to share!

If anyone out there is interested in picking up a rakeback deal, please do us both a favour and sign up through Rake The Rake.

I've been dealing with them for 6 months now and they are great. I've never had any problems with getting my payments. The have online rake tracking that's easy to use (and is usually accessible through workplace firewalls...). And they constantly offer freeroll tournaments with big prizes, WSOP seats, and other stuff.

If you do want to sign up with them, I only ask that you let them know that I referred you. When you send them the e-mail to let them know that you're all set to start receiving rakeback, simply tell them:

I was referred to Rake The Rake by account number RTR03302.

That's it! You can do this with every site that you sign up with through Rake The Rake.

What's in it for you? First, you'll get a sweet rakeback deal with a trusted site. Secondly, you'll get my undying gratitude. Most importantly, you'll get a special "I was referred" cash bonus for doing it.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your children (if they're of legal age to gamble in your state and/or country): it's time to get rich (or at least come close to breaking even) the Klopzi way!

Oh, and there is one last thing that you'll get: free pimping for your blog right here on Klopzi's Mediocre Poker. I get at least 20 hits a day now, so do the math: I can guarantee probably 10 hits for your site plus a few extra hits here and there from readers pouring through my archives! It worked for Drewspop of Hometown Poker fame and it can work for you too!

I'm shameless, I know...but c'mon, it's free money!


All kidding aside, Rake The Rake is the real deal. Enjoy.


masterp said...

Im currently getting poker rakeback
and get a nice check monthly for what i spend on rake

Klopzi said...

To each his own - I prefer Rake The Rake, but it's always good to have alternatives.

I always recommend checking out the 2+2 Forums Rakeback Review. They've gone through all the rakeback affiliates out there and let you know who's hot and who's not.