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Who turned out the lights?

For those of you who rejoice in others defeat, this will be a good post for you. I'm going to keep this somewhat brief (which doesn't mean much coming from me).

After taking Friday night off from the poker tables, I hit the tables hard on Saturday. Although things started off well, it all went downhill in a hurry.

I sat down Saturday afternoon with the hopes of playing a bunch of 1/2 at Interpoker. Although my session was cut short, I found myself up 3.5 BB after some solid play. Had I played longer, I may have made more - who knows? At least I made some money and cleared another 4% of my $25 High-Stakes Challenge.

A couple hours later, I found myself playing a $5 SNG at PokerStars. After bitching about the fact that I'd won so few of these SNGs lately, I crushed my opponents and took home the gold.

I won this thing without breaking a sweat. I never had all my money in at any point in the SNG. And anytime someone was all-in against me, I had the best hand. It was great. Heads-up lasted 3 or 4 hands. I won when I slowplayed my top pair.

With such a great afternoon under my belt, I hit the $25 NL tables at Eurobet just brimming with confidence.

I found myself up $9 pretty quickly after I hit a few flops, made some good stabs at the pot, and got really lucky with pocket 4s (I rivered a guy).

And then, someone flicked the switch...

I found myself on the button with [Ac Qc]. Two new players had just posted and an MP had just limped in. With my hand, I thought that I'd raise for value - no one had shown strength and my hand would play well against a group. Plus, I'd have position on everyone - this is clearly a raising situation.

Flops comes down Q high with two clubs. Money! Both of my opponents check to me and I min bet - I'm in the driver's seat and I'm laying everyone good odds by betting so small into the raised pot.

Well, the BB calls and MP raises to $2! Cool! At this point, I'm looking at MP's stack and trying to get him all in. If he's got top pair, I'm a huge favourite with my TPTK and nut flush draw. After reading SS2 and some stuff in Phil Gordon's Little Green Book, I was willing to get all my money in with this flop and see what happened.

I raised to $3, the BB folded and MP raised another $0.50. Hmmm...small re-raise, the pot's pretty big, MP has very little $$ left, so I push and he calls.

Well, things weren't as good as I'd hoped but I wasn't lost either. MP turned over a Q8o for two pair. I was now a 45% favourite to win the hand. All I needed was a club, an ace, or I needed running cards on the turn and the river both higher than an eight.

Well, I got nothing and the hand was lost.

From that point on, my play for the rest of the weekend seemed to suffer from some extreme bad luck.

On Sunday, I played in a $10K freeroll at Interpoker, sponsored by RakeTheRake.

In level 3, I pick up 88 in EP. I flat call and an MP raises it to 4xBB. When the BB calls the raise, I'm getting pretty good odds to call here. I'm just hoping to flop a set.

Well, the flop comes down A 8 x. Sweet! This was going to be the pot that would make me one of the chip leader and give me a good shot of making the money. By the way, there were only 134 players in this tournament and the top 40 spots paid (40th paid $50)! Doesn't get any better than that!

BB checks and I check, hoping that MP had a big hand. Well, MP bets 150 and I call after BB folds. When the turn card came down, I didn't even care what it was - I wanted to get it all-in on the turn. I make a small bet of 300 into the 900 pot, hoping to induce a bluff from my opponent. When re-raises to 450, I gladly push all my chips in.

MP insta-calls and shows AA. Oops - cold deck...

I managed to hang around for few more blind levels by stealing some blinds and quadrupling up with KK, but it was not meant to be. I finally went out when I tried to steal the blinds with my AQ from the button. BB pushed all in and I had to call. He showed JJ and although I hit an A on the flop, he also hit a J for his set.

I then played a $5 SNG at PokerStars and took third. I went out in this one when I hit an A on the river with my AK and got it all in, only to be called by the chip leader who'd slowplayed his trip nines.

Then last night, I played a couple more SNGs at PokerStars and got some horrendous luck again. Here are some of the highlights:

  • (SNG #1) Pick up QQ in level 2. A LAG was pretty short stacked and going all-in on almost every hand. I raise to 4xBB and LAG raises to 10xBB. I push and he calls showing AA. Damn rockets...

  • (SNG #1) Very next hand, I pick up AQs. I raise to 4xBB and get called by BB. Flop comes down J 9 9. BB checks, I bet the pot and BB calls. Turn is a J. BB checks. I'm pretty sure I'm ahead and I'm pretty well pot committed so I push. BB calls and shows KTo. WTF?! The call was so bad I knew the K would hit on the river before the RNG did...
  • (SNG #2) Pick up AA in level 2. Get it all in pre-flop against two opponents. One opponent has 44, other has AA. Damn rockets...

  • (SNG #2) Pick up KK in level 3. Get it all in pre-flop against short stack at the table. He turns over AA. Damn rockets...

  • (SNG #2) Pick up KK in level 6. Short stack in SB goes all in for his last T1000, I call with my T1500. He shows...Tc 9c. Flop comes down Qc 8c 5c. Damn you DrunkenOllie!

Okay...that's enough ranting and raving. I just had to get that out of my system. I don't know how many times I'll have to run into rockets before this cold streak is over. Poker Gods, let me just say one word: UNCLE!

As it stands, my ITM% for SNGs is still solid at 43% and my ROI is up to around 7%. Not great but I won't complain.

I'm going to play tonight since I will be away from the tables tomorrow night (Valentine's Day) and Wednesday night.

My goal for tonight is to just play some solid poker at the NL tables. I'm back down to 0% completion for my $250 Eurobet NL challenge. That push with the AQs really killed me. While I would get my money all-in in that situation again, I think next time, I'll just push immediately when faced with a raise. I need to put my opponent in a situation where he has to make a tough call. Having to push your last $4 into a big pot with your top two pair is not a tough call.

Anyway, if you see me tonight at the tables, you will see "Rock Klopzi". No bluffs, no fancy plays, just sitting back and waiting for the nuts. I need to turn it around and get my confidence back.

And as any poker player knows, the best way to do that is with a big, fat win.

Ok, back to work...


huma said...

Phil Gordon's LGB says that set over set happens so rarely you should never be afraid to get all your chips in when you flop a low or medium set. I'd like to see some statistical evidence of this actually - almost every time I flop a set lower than Q's I get screwed.

Congrats on the SNG wins. I find that on the Stars $5/$3 SNG's, if I get some chips early on (say, by a maniac pushing with jack-high when I'm holding AA) I'm pretty much unstoppable, but that requires a fair amount of luck balanced with the right kind of maniacs. Most times I'm just conservative till we get to 6-7 handed or 50-100 level, then I open up and try to double my stack. Still, it's pokerstars and you might as well throw strategy out the window, because their RNG rewards retarded plays, like that KTo push you mentioned.

Happy Valentines Day! No poker for me tonight but if I'm lucky I'll get it allin.

Klopzi said...

I don't know about the RNG rewarding bad play. I'm not a believer in the whole "online poker is rigged" theory.

My belief is that you should never put your money in without a pocket pair unless you really have to or someone else really has to. AK is a drawing hand, no more, no less. People who play AQs like the nuts deserve to lose to my J9.

I like PokerStars for their SNGs. You get a good combination of good and bad players. I like to let the other good players take everyone out and leaving me to slip into the money.