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Top O' The Morning, Drewspop!

I was checking out Hometown Poker the other day (as I do everyday) and noticed something odd. In his writings, Drewspop made reference to depositing $100 at Interpoker. Not only did he sign up at one of the better poker sites on the 'Net today - he did it using my affiliate code!

For his efforts, he gets the 100% deposit bonus. And he'll get the recurring 100% monthly reload bonuses up to $100. In my opinion, Interpoker is one of the best sites for the newer players out there trying to build their bankrolls. I think the bonuses that I've cleared there account for about half my bankroll.

So, go check out Drewspop's site, will ya? Not only does he play the game we all love to hate, but he's also nice enough to take pity on an affiliate junkie like me.

So, Drewspop, enjoy that Interpoker goodness that I've come to appreciate over the past 6 months. I'll probably bump into you from time to time. If I find you, I'll take a seat and let you have a crack at busting me (it's not hard - just ask around).

I play at Interpoker mainly on weekends because I like the free money that comes with playing against some of the fishiest fish out there. Although I've been known to donate to those fish from time to time, it's still a nice, easy game.

So, to re-iterate: Interpoker is good, Hometown Poker is great, and Drewspop is king of the world.


drewspop said...

Oh man, can't believe I started that one! LOL. BTW, the PL Omaha Hi/Lo, which I am just figuring out, is great for clearing the bonus there. I agree with the fishiness assessment.

Klopzi said...

I haven't tried any Omaha ring games.

I may give them a try - let me know how it turns out. If they are as good as you say, then it's a definite possibility - I'll just need to learn how to play Omaha properly.

Also, let me know if you happen to try any of the PL or NL hold'em games at Interpoker. I haven't tried them myself, but I have a feeling that they are extra fishy.