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Stealing content

Am I complaining that people are stealing my content? Hell no! I'd feel strangely honoured if that actually happened.

Actually, this title refers to me stealing someone else's content. The only problem is that I'm too lazy to type anything, so instead, here are some links to some funny content that I've found in blogdom.


DuggleBogey has come up with some comics on his site. I'm going to link to some of the ones that I find funny.

I didn't find the first one funny so didn't have high hopes for the rest in the series. But alas, I was proven wrong as I've actually laughed out loud for a couple of them.

Before checking these comics out, be aware that you may not get the joke if you are not a poker-player-wannabe like the rest of us who waste our time writing online diaries that no one wants to read:

  • Poker Comic #4:
    I saw this happen last night...

  • Poker Comic #8:
    There is wisdom to be found in this one: bluffing in limit poker is useless! If you like your money, try a different strategy.

  • Poker Comic #9:
    When I see hands like this, I get pissed off that I folded my TPTK when faced with a bet and raise to me. It's happened to me a few times and it stung each time.

  • Poker Comic #11:
    These could've been some of the players I was sitting with last night. A3o is not the f*cking nuts, a-hole! Stop pushing all-in! Man, I really hate the fish from time to time...

  • Poker Comic #13:
    I've been guilty of this type of logic from time to time.

  • Poker Comic #16:
    I've actually heard Daniel Negreanu joke about this very thing. He said his favourite hand is the T7o because you'll win big if you hit with it and you have a chance to make two flushes with it. Funny...

  • Poker Comic #18:
    How clever is "Klopzi"?

  • Poker Comic #58:
    Nothing like a little Peter Pan Syndrome to smooth out life's rough edges...

Thanks for the laughs DuggleBogey...


Much like SirFWALGMan, I too can waste time...

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For some reason, I forgot to list doubleuwhy's blog, Freeroll 2 Bankroll, on my blog list.

Sorry Doubleuwhy - you're now listed, for what it's worth.

By the way, check this guy's site out if your interested in reading about someone really trying to grind it out from the bottom. I thought I was good about only playing 10c/20c ring games. Doubleuwhy is grinding it out by playing freerolls and 2c/4c games.

What is even more impressive than Doubleuwhy's patience are the results he's getting: he's cleared more this month that I have. What the hell am I doing wrong?


DuggleBogey said...

I used to think I was the only one that found #1 funny, until I entered it into a poker joke contest and won first prize.

I should probably change it to say "I'm so far down, I need to hit the bad beat jackpot just to break even" or "I've lost so much money, I need to hit the bad beat jackpot just to break even," because I think the poker term "stuck" gets by a lot of people.

I think this weeks comic will be that, and lets see if more people find it funny.

Klopzi said...

Hey Dugglebogey,

Thanks for popping by.

That jokes ok, but the ones I linked to are my favourite. I think the best is the bet,raise,raise, jack high with a seven kicker one. Too funny...

Hope you don't mind me using links to your quality content in order to make up for my lack of content. Still, I'm sure all 8 of my readers will pop by and check out your site...so you've got that to look forward to.