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New Challenge: Back in Black Challenge

*** UPDATE ***
Due to a Poker Tracker mishap on Sunday, April 9th, the Back in Black Challenge is being redefined as of Monday, April 10th.

The challenge will be considered PASSED once I've won $300 ( or 150 BBs).

Alternatively, the challenge will be considered FAILED if I lose $300 (or 150 BBs).

*** END UPDATE ***

With a new SNG challenge posted and eagerly awaiting completion, I thought I'd complicate matters by throwing in a new $1/$2 challenge. Unlike my other challenges, this challenge simply sees me trying to regain what is now lost. Drive? No. Desire? No. Money? You betcha!

If I take a peek at my PokerTracker numbers, I can't help but notice a disheartening ($240.00) sitting in the $$ won column for $1/$2 fixed limit. This just won't do.

Sure, I cleared a $25 bonus at Interpoker by playing 1/2. But I lost money in the process. At some point, I have to become a winning player again. And to become a winning player, I'll have to first change that ($240.00) into a nice, round $0.

The challenge: play enough $1/$2 limit poker at any or all sites of my choosing (although Interpoker's constant bonuses and fishy players - myself included - are great motivators) to get myself back in the black again.

How long should this challenge take and how much could I be ahead afterwards?

Let's say that I manage to pull in a whoppping 1.0 BB/100 at the tables. I'd be looking at 12,000 hands total to win back my $240 (or 120 BB).

I play about 100 hands/hr when I multi-table the 1/2 tables at Interpoker; so, 120 hours.

If I also clear $25 worth of bonus for every 600 hands I play, I could potentially clear $500 in bonus money in that 120 hours.

I can't see me finishing this challenge anytime soon. If the cards start to cut me a little slack, I may be able to get a return higher than 1 BB/100. And if I actually become a better player, my return rate should increase as well.

Still, I'm going to take it slow and try to let it happen. Any bonuses I clear will help, but I'm not going to slow down my play just to take advantage of further reload bonuses. However, I'll clear at least $287.50 (I have $187.50 in uncleared bonuses right now and will get another $100 on March 1st) in bonuses over the course of this challenge, I'm sure.

I'll consider this challenge 100% complete when my $1/$2 winnings have reached $0. In the unfortunate event that I can't seem to win at all, this challenge will be cancelled if my winnings hit ($350) (meaning that I'd lost 150 BB at this level since starting the $25 High Stakes Challenge).

I'll post my numbers from time to time and will welcome any comments. I had a few good comments when I finished off the $25 High Stakes Challenge with respect to my PokerTracker numbers and welcome more of these comments where appropriate.


Quick update: I did play some $25 NL at Eurobet again last night. Unfortunately, I found myself too tired to really play all that well. With GSN's High Stakes Poker playing on the TV and my wife pointing out various items in a catalogue, I found it too hard to concentrate and to enjoy the game given my overall fatigue level.

Although I dropped about $14 during the course of my play, I can't really fault myself too much for those results (I feel like a donkey whenever I say that...). One guy made some pretty good calls when I first tried to take the pot on flop, and then later on the turn and river as well. Damn you AKs! I didn't have the table image to induce a fold, but calling with a pocket pair with three overcards on the boards is pretty ballsy.

[Update: After reviewing the AK hand above and after having some friends review it, I'll sheepishly admit that I definitely played the role of donkey in that hand. Betting out on the flop with my AK is ok, but when called I've got to get ready to drop the hand. When I pick up the draw on the turn, I can still check-call if getting the right price. That way, if I pick up my flush on the river, I'll most likely get paid off if I make a bet since my flop bet may disguise the flush. And if I miss the flush, then I can simply drop the hand only down a few bucks instead of being down $9.

Here's one for DuggleBogey: You know you're a donkey when you complain about other players not folding their made hands to your out-of-position, one-third-pot-sized bluff bets.]

Other than that, I was pretty card dead.
60 hands.
1 pocket pair (KK - folded on flop when an ace came and opponent bet big)
3 suited connectors (folded one pre-flop to large raise)
1 Axs (missed flop)
2 big card hands (AKo and QJo - won two small pots)

And in case I haven't mentioned it yet, I hate guys who raise pre-flop on every hand! Seriously, if I wanted to play $100 NL, I would. But I don't - so stop raising it by 4xBB every damned hand, you stupid prick!!

That's all! Have a great day everyone!

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