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Love is in the air

Ahhh, Valentine's Day...It's a shame it comes so closely on the heels of my one year wedding anniversary, but so be it. I guess my wife will just have to live with that short 1 week period every February where she gets showered with gifts and affection.

Since I am not going to be hitting the tables tonight, I put in a solid four hours at the tables last night. As it turned out, the night turned out both good and bad.

I've been receiving some coaching on my NL game recently. Trying to find the NL groove after spending countless hours at the limit tables is tough. But with a couple friends helping me analyze my play, things are coming along.

As such, I was full of confidence yet again when I sat down at Eurobet's $25 NL tables. I was going to play tight, I was going to play right, and I was gonna bring home the bacon.

Well, the night started off great! After picking up an AA and KK twice, I found myself up $20. I was laughing...until it all when to shit!

From that point on, I won two pots over the next three hours. Both were small pots where I got lucky that no one hit anything and my bottom pair took it home.

In 221 hands played last night, I picked up pocket pairs 19 times (better than average) and suited connectors 4 times (wtf?). I also picked up a handful of suited aces.

I missed the flop with each of my suited Aces - not once did I pick up a draw or hit my ace. That, in itself, cost me about $10. I missed with my suited connectors and dropped another $5. I then lost another $10 to $15 due to blind attrition and by taking various stabs at the pot only to be re-raised at every turn (or flop).

Most players at the table were fish or LAGs. All Ax hands were being raised and played like the nuts. It's hard to play a 44 pre-flop when the pot's already been raised to $10 after 3 people decide it's time to gamble. Crazy...

The only bright spot of the night came in the last hour I spent at the NL tables. I decided to try my hand at a $5 SNG while playing the folding game at the NL tables.

Long story short, I won. I got unlucky at one point when I tried to knock a guy out . I put him all in after the flop when I hit top pair and he called with second pair. He hit trips on the river and I was in trouble. I was down to just over $1K in chips with the blinds at 75/150.

A few hands later, the blinds have increased to 100/200. I've stolen 3 of the last 5 pots and I'm up to about $1300. I pick up KJs UTG. With my "M" sitting at around 4, I'm out of time and push; only the SB calls and shows AJ. Well, I hit trips on the flop and doubled up.

Sure, I got lucky there. But had "Mr. I'll-call-off-my-whole-stack-with-second-pair" not hit trips on me, I would not have pushed and would have still had a pretty big stack. I guess it does all even out in the long run (or over the course of a few hands).

When it finally got heads up, I was slightly ahead of my opponent. He hit an unlikely straight on the river and knocked me down quite a bit. I was almost out until I doubled up with an AQ.

Once I climbed back into the chip lead, the SNG ended pretty quickly. I slowplayed top pair and my opponent pushed on a bluff. Game over, Klopzi wins $25!

Cool! So my losing night ended up being a winning night!

I wish I had time to provide more insight or thought into today's post, but it's really busy at work. I'll try to post something a little better tomorrow or this afternoon, assuming I can come up with a topic.

I may be back later today, but I can't promise. Have a good one...


Anonymous said...

"In 221 hands played last night, I picked up pocket pairs 19 times (better than average) and suited connectors 4 times (wtf?)."

How many suited connectors do you expect to get?

Klopzi said...

I'd expect to have fourteen 0-gap and 1-gap, excluding any Axs hands.

That's about 6.5% of hands dealt. So 225 hands x 6.5% = 14.9.

Although I did pick up KK twice and 19 pocket pairs total.

I'm just greedy...