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Let's make this quick...

Well, work is being a real bitch today and keeping me pretty f*cking busy. But I'll give everyone a quick recap of my weekend (poker-related, not anniversary-related)...

Friday Night:
As I'm wont to do, Friday night ended up being a night of just hanging out at MrV's with my wife and Marlborough as well. While MrV and Marlborough played Top Spin on the X-box, I drank beer and played poker while my wife watched on.

The night started off pretty well. I wanted to finish off the $50 Eurobet NL Challenge, so I hit the tables before the beer started to take too much effect. I don't like to drink when I'm playing cash games - too easy to tilt or get cocky and lose a bundle.

So I sit down with $10 and within the space of two orbits, I've doubled my buy-in. I picked up JJ, TT, JJ and AK (if memory serves me correctly) in the space of 20 hands. Sweet!

And just like that, the challenge was completed!

I then sat down for a $5 + 1 SNG at PartyPoker and quickly donked out in 6th spot. I was card dead and ran into the chip leader's KK when I decided to make my stand. Easy come, easy go...

I then sat for a $5 + 1 SNG at Interpoker. After a mere 40 minutes, I was out in third on a bad beat. I don't remember what the bad beat was but it can't have been that bad if I don't remember it. Maybe MrVercetti knows? Still, I was happy to have finally placed ITM after a long streak of crappy play and bad luck.

With my confidence bolstered the third place finish (and with the fourth beer finished), I decided to play a $5 + 0.50 SNG at Eurobet. I swear that I stopped paying attention for about 30 minutes of this thing. Luckily, I managed to double up when I needed to, which allowed me to cruise into the top three.

At this point, I was pretty short-stacked - I was at about T1000 and the chip leader had about T7000. So, I did what any drunk person would do in this situation - I started pushing. I pushed all-in on most hands and both my opponents folded. Not only did they fold when I pushed, but they'd fold their hands rather than calling the blinds for fear of coming up against DocKlopzi's mighty all-in move!

This went on for about 5 or 10 minutes, after which point I found myself in the chip lead. When one of my opponents knocked the third place guy out of the SNG, I was still sitting in first place.

The heads up lasted two hands. On the second hand, I slowplayed top pair with my K7s (or something like that) and got my opponent to push all-in with bottom pair.

And just like that, I finally took 1st in another SNG. These wins have been few and far between, so it was a good feeling.

Along with the $27.50 in profit on Friday night, I also received close to $20 in rakeback from Interpoker. All in all, a pretty good night for the bankroll.


I took Monday off so that I could relax and spend a little more time with my wife. This day, however, included some poker.

I started off by sitting in at the dreaded $1/$2 tables at Interpoker. There were some good things that I saw and some bad things.

First off, after a couple hours of 1/2 play, I ended up by about 6 BBs. The great thing about this small victory is that I wasn't getting great cards (although I guess I did pick up rockets once). For the 2 hours of play, I managed to stick to the game plan and play my usual game.

Some of the players did make it hard. There were two jackasses who raised pre-flop almost every hand. One guy had a PF raise % of 25% and the other guy had a PF raise % of 20%. Sick...

What this meant is that I had to tighten up a bit and wait for some good hands. I lost $3 to one of the maniacs when I raised from the CO and he defended his big blind by re-raising me. I missed the flop and folded when he came out betting. I got him back a few orbits later when he raised from early position and I re-raised from late middle position with an AQs. When the flop came Q high, he called me to the river with nothing (probably a middle pocket pair or something) and I raked a pretty good pot.

I also won a pretty big pot with rockets a bit later at a different table. I raised pre-flop and only the BB called. When the flop came down all rags, the BB bet out and I raised. The BB 3-bets it and I cap the flop. At this point, I'm hoping he hasn't hit a set or anything gay like that.

The turn comes with another rag card and the BB bets out again. WTF?! I was definitely worried that my aces had been cracked but the pot was too big to fold. I was going to pay this guy off come hell or high water. River is another blank, bet, call.

When we turn over our cards, my AA beats his 32s. He had no pair, no draw - he was just being a stupid prick! I almost folded my aces on the turn when I thought for sure that I was beaten. I'm just lucky that I was stubborn and played the hand like a donkey.


I also played in the TigerGaming $500K Freeroll qualifier yesterday afternoon. Long story short: my luck ran out when I picked up QQ.

MP raises to $1200 (blinds at $200/$400), button calls. I have $3500 left in the SB, so I push; MP calls as does the button. Flop comes 8 6 2 and the button pushes all-in; MP calls.

What does everyone have? MP has 99, button has 66, and I'm out in 38th out of 198! Crap! Two hours of my life wasted playing a stupid MTT! I hate those things - they're boring and I never win.


I also played about an hour of $25 NL at Eurobet and came out $1 ahead. Nice - up 4 BBs! Not great, but it's a start. I'll have to get used to playing NL when the other players actually raise pre-flop. Makes it a lot harder for me since I hate playing in pots that have been raised PF. I guess I'll learn...


Lastly, I played a $5 + 0.50 SNG at PokerStars (affiliate code on its way!). I'll just say that I played tight and pulled off 2nd place. I would have won the damn thing had my cowboys not gotten cracked by my opponents J4o. Nothing worse than seeing a board of Q J 2 J Q and being bet into by a calling station.

Still, $13.50 is a good chunk of change for me! Plus, I got to play at the site that shows off my cool Batman avatar. What's Batman gotta do with Klopzi? Nothin' - but it's cool...and by cool, I mean nerdy...I am who I am, I guess.


So that was my weekend. My bankroll is starting to grow again and everything's going well. I'm going to keep hacking away at these challenges and we'll see where that lands me.

Sorry if this post is so matter-of-fact - I only had 10 minutes to put this thing together before some more meetings this afternoon.


By the way, also set up PokerTracker to use a PostGRES SQL DB instead of using MS Access. That should alleviate some worries about files getting too big, system getting too slow, etc.

Now I just need to back the thing up somewhere off disk...

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