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I am a blonkey...

What's a blonkey? Blogger donkey, that's what. And I am one. I'm a donk who blogs about his donk-tastic play making me the blonkiest blonk there is. Looking back at the Stages of a Poker Blogger, there's only one thing a blonkey can do to fix things: read some more!

That's right! It's time to open my wallet and buy some wins. Time to study hard and hit the books again. Actually, I've been hitting the books everyday but it's obviously not sticking.

I've built up quite a little library at home and as my library grows, so too should my skills. That's in theory, of course. I'm just glad I have the bankroll to absorb these hits I've been taking.

First off, let me give a quick review of the books I picked up last time:

  • Winning Texas Hold'em (Maroon)
    If you don't own this book, you really should get it. Great advice delivered in one easy to read package. This book is a great complement to Miller's SSH. Read both or lose money, plain and simple. Before you get on my case, I know that I've read both AND lost money - I'm just a slow learner, I guess.

  • Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold'em (Cloutier & McEvoy)
    This one's ok for general interest reading but will probably not help more experienced players at all. I also think it applies more to tournament play than cash games, although Cloutier's "play tight" strategy really applies to cash games. There are some good stories in the book and it is interesting: just don't plan on becoming the next WSOP champion reading it.

  • Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker (Ciaffone)
    This one was a little dry and poorly organized. Ideas are presented in a large number of tiny chapters that cover a large variety of topics covered in more detail in other books. The extra stuff in there about Omaha, Stud, and London Lowball (wtf?) detract from it's usefulness for those of us who can only focus on two hole cards per hand.

    I'm sure Ciaffone's a good player in real life but it doesn't seem to translate well on paper. There is a lot of good information in the book, but it's scattered all over the place. Maybe when I tackle the book again, I'll take a highlighter to it. That may be a good idea for all my books actually. Highlighters and sticky tags...yep, that's what I'll do...

Anyway, here's a list of books that I've just ordered from Amazon.ca. They should arrive next week sometime. By next Friday, I'm sure I'll have read enough to make me the greatest player in the world.

Although I've already read HoH V1, I don't own my own copy and I can't keep borrowing it from friends.

So there you have it - three more books, two of which are classics and a third being highly recommended.

Let's see if these help because after last night's session, I know they can't hurt.

That's enough blonking for now...

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