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Good afternoon...

Ok - work boring, can't wait to leave...So, in the meantime, a couple more poker blogs for you to read.

When I first discovered poker last year, I was pleasantly surprised to find that people actually wrote about their personal experiences with the game.

I didn't know what the "blog" meant and I'm still not sure I do. I do know that the word "blog" is suitably gay considering the inherent gay-ness of blogging.

In the defense of all us poker bloggers, poker blogs are not quite as gay as some of the other blogs out there: knitting blogs, muffin blogs, hippie blogs, and any other blogs that are meant to be taken seriously or that try to make a "point".

For all bloggers out there: blogs are gay. Live it, love it...

Anyway, today I've added two more gay blogs to my gay blog list (Is it called a blogroll? Stupid Internet lingo and 3l33t speak).

There not really gay - they're quite good actually. I started reading the following two blogs back in June of last year because they were two of three that weren't blocked by the firewall at work. That was meant to sound like a glowing endorsement...

Chris Halverson
is a mainstay in the poker blogging community. He doesn't seem to post that much now, but it's worth going back and reading through his archives. You can read all about his slow and steady climb towards being a Poker ProfessionalTM.

April's blog was also interesting as she played poker, gambled on horses and tried to learn enough to make some real $$ playing poker. I actually stopped reading her blog after her original site had a catastrophic server crash a while back - but I'm going to go check out the site and you should too.

Anyway, check out these two blogs - they've helped shape me into the poker player and blogger I am today (along with the other bloggers listed on my site).

Whether or not you think that's a good thing or a bad thing shouldn't deter you from checking them out.

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